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What Are the Risk Factors for Bladder Cancer?

What causes the 4th most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in the United States? The jury is still out on the exact causes of bladder cancer, but researchers have discovered some important risk factors. Remember that having a risk factor, or even severa…

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Monitoring Language Development + Dangers of Casual Sex + Raising Bookworms

Guest 1: Kenn Apel, coauthor of . Topic: Understanding children’s language and literacy development. Issues: How to evaluate and monitor your child’s spoken language development; enhancing your child’s literacy skills to improve spelling, reading, and writing; recognizing signs of literacy and language problems and know when to get professional help. Guest 2: Joe McIlhaney, Jr., coauthor of . Topic: New science on how casual sex is affecting our children. Issues: Chemicals released in the brain […]

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