The Science of Building

littleBits When you first open a littleBits kit, you might think you were looking at a box of random electronic components that you might find at a flea market. There’s a bit of truth there—you are getting a collection of components—but there’s more to it than that. Each set includes LED lights, servos, battery or […]

Mmm. Looks like candy, smells like candy, but tastes like….. soap!

Just an FYI. Hundreds of kids around the country are getting sick–sometimes really, really sick–from swallowing those cute laundry packets like Tide Pods and Purex UltraPacks. They’re colorful, smell nice, and are just the right size for a little hand to grab and stuff into his mouth. Something lawyers might refer to as an “attractive nuisance.”

Unfortunately, despite the pretty exterior, those convenient detergent packets can also be dangerous. According to news reports, some kids who have swallowed them have been hospitalized for a week, put on a ventilator, even slipped into a coma.

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