Befriending Your Ex + Kids Thriving after Divorce + Remarried with Children + Talking about Sex

[amazon asin=160882277X&template=thumbnail&chan=default]Guest 1: Judith Ruskay Rabinor, author of Befriending Your Ex after Divorce.
Topic: Making life better for you, your kids, and yes, your ex.
Issues: How to befriend your ex; the art of creating an ally from an opponent; when anger prevents befriending; how children benefit when exes cooperate.

[amazon asin=B006QZ789E&template=thumbnail&chan=default]Guest 2: Lisa Rene Reynolds, author of Parenting through Divorce .
Topic: Helping children thrive during and after the split.
Issues: Anticipating children’s emotions and reactions; practical advice to guide children through divorce while retaining a strong, healthy, caring environment.

[amazon asin=0553382004&template=thumbnail&chan=default]Guest 3: Barbara LeBey, author of Remarried with Children .
Topic: 10 secrets for successfully blending and extending your family.
Issues: What are blended families? Debunking myths and misconceptions; learning how to navigate the stresses, anticipate the pitfalls, and build a brand new family that works for everyone.

[amazon asin=155704810X&template=thumbnail&chan=default]Guest 4: Debra Haffner, author of From Diapers to Dating.
Topic: Talking about sex.
Issues: Raising sexually healthy children from infancy through middle school.
Issues: identifying and communicating your values about sexuality; helping kids deal with the glut of sexual messages in the media; sensible strategies for teaching the facts of life; internet safety.

Evil Stepmother No More

Dear Mr. Dad: I recently married a man who has a 13-year-old daughter from a previous marriage. He and I met long after his divorced, so it’s not like I caused the breakup. Still, the girl has never liked me and, whenever she visits, she is arrogant and rude. I’m trying hard to be pleasant and establish a good relationship with her, and my husband has tried to smooth the way, but to no avail. What should I do?

A: Would it make you feel better to know that pre-teens and teens are insolent towards their biological parents as well? And that in some twisted way, your stepdaughter is giving you a complement by treating you just like a “real” parent ? No, probably not …

As painful as it is, what you’re describing is pretty much the standard in blended families. And while it’s entirely possible that you and your stepdaughter may never be best friends, there’s no reason why the two of you can’t at least get along.
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