2016 is Going to Be a Big Year for Binge Watching on #Netflix

Disclosure: I’m a member of the #Netflix #StreamTeam and receive occasional product and early access to programming. But every word I write is my own.

Oakland, California, where I live, is blessed with some of the greatest weather on the planet. Okay, so we’ve had a pretty nasty drought for the past few years, but we’ve had dry spells before and we’ll have ‘em again. Anyway, we’re getting slammed with rain, which is a good thing. But I’m not complaining about the weather. Quite the opposite. In fact, I’m watching all that east-coast snow and feeling a little envious. I know blizzards can be life threatening and are no fun for the people they actually affect, but from out here on the west coast, there’s something almost magical about the prospect of being snowed in (assuming, of course, we’ve got plenty of food and the power’s not down).

What it comes down to is that I could really use a long break, one that would give me a no-guilt excuse to just hang out with the family, talking, reading, playing, and catching up on some of our favorites on Netflix—or discovering some new ones.

Here, in no particular order, is what’s on our must-watch list—and by “our” I mean mine and my 12-year-old daughter’s. There will undoubtedly be some that we’ll watch together, a few outbursts (from each of us) of “how can you watch that crap,” and plenty of dismissing something as “crap” but then creeping back into the room and standing silently in the doorway watching it anyway.

Making a Murderer

netflix - making a murderer

House of Cards, Season 4

netflix - house of cards

Mad Men

netflix - mad men


netflix - izombie

The Blacklist

netflix - blacklist


netflix - flash

Being Human

netflix - being human

Robin Hood

netflix - robin hood

When it Comes to Binge Drinking, Kids Follow Parents’ Lead

The statistics on teenage binge drinking are pretty scary: A recent report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse says that 8% of kids 12-17 and 30% of kids 18-20 have binged within the past 30 days (that means 5 or more drinks in two hours for men, 4 for women). And here’s something even scarier: Only 1% of parents of teens (yep, just 1 in 100) thinks their teen has binged.

What accounts for that incredibly high-level of parental ignorance (or denial or obliviousness)?
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Wanna get drunk? Please pass the Purell.

As a kid, I remember sneaking occasional sips from my parents’ bottles of Crème De Menthe and Bailey’s Irish Crème. I’m sure that goes a long way towards explain why I’m a beer drinker.

But for today’s kids, there’s no need to break into mom and dad’s liquor cabinet—or pay some 21-year old (or an irresponsible adult) to buy booze for them. And there’s certainly no need to chug cough syrup. Why bother? If you want to get drunk, all you have to do is pick up a bottle of hand sanitizer, which has alcohol as its active ingredient–and is about the cheapest high available.
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