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The Long Ride Home + Vitamania

Interview with Rupert Isaacson, author of “The Long Ride Home,” about the remarkable story of a boy, a horse, overcoming autism, and a revolutionary approach that has changed the life of thousands of children and their family; and Catherine Price, author of “Vitamania,” about how vitamins revolutionized the way we think about food and why so much we “know” about vitamins is actually wrong.

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Push Back + The Un-Prescription for Autism

This week we interview Amy Tuteur, author of “Push Back,” about overcoming guilt in the age of natural parenting, and Janet Lintala, author of “The Un-Prescription for Autism,” about a natural approach for a calmer, happier, and more focused child.

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The Link Between Autism and Talent + It’s OK to Go up the Slide

Podcast interviews with Joanne Ruthsatz and Kimberly Stephens, coauthors of “The Prodigy’s Cousin.” about the family link between autism and extraordinary talent, and with Heather Shumaker, author of “It’s OK to Go up the Slide,” about her enegade rules for raising confident and creative kids.
Issues: Risk vs. independence; why we need to put safe

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