The Perfect Toys Could Be Just around the Corner–On Neighborhood Toy Store Day

Is it that time of year already? Must be, because I’m already feeling behind on my holiday shopping…  Fortunately, tomorrow, November 10, is Neighborhood Toy Store Day (what? You didn’t know?), which means I can kick off the season and start checking things off my list–without having to brave the crowds at the nearest mall.

What’s so great about Neighborhood Toy Store Day (this is the third annual celebration, by the way)?

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Looking for Toys–and Want to Shop Locally?

If you’re a parent (or grandparent or uncle or aunt or good friend) and find yourself wondering what to get for the special kids (and sometimes the adults) in your life, there’s a great new resource in town–one that’s chock full of info on the very best toys and the top places to find them. just launched in September and it’s designed to be a one-stop place where you can find local toy stores, learn about specialty toy makers and their creations, and even connect with industry experts.’s goal? To show you what they call the “woohoo factor”–that “yippe-I-found-the-perfect-toy” feeling you get when you’re having a great time playing.

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