Pomegranates: The New Miracle Food?

Pomegranates have been around since the beginning of time—legend has it that Adam and Eve snacked on them in the Garden of Eden—and the odd-looking fruit’s benefits have been known for nearly as long. Here are a few reasons you should rush out to your nearest grocer and pick up a few of these odd-looking […]

Put down the Wine, Buddy, and Back away Real Slow…

Over the years, there have been dozens of studies that document the health benefits of resveratrol, a natural chemical found in the skin of red grapes, pomegranates, and elsewhere. Those benefits include improving cardiovascular functioning, reducing diabetes symptoms, heart attack and cancer risks, lowering cholesterol, slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s, and generally protecting against age-related […]

Seeing Red: How Tomatoes May Reduce Men’s Stroke Risk

Back in the early 1980s, the Secretary of Agriculture suggested that ketchup should be considered a vegetable. Nutritionists (and critics of then-President Ronald Reagan) were outraged. But in the decades since then, there has been a lot of research showing that a chemical component found in tomatoes called lycopene (LIKE-a-peen) is associated with a number of significant health benefits in men.

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Hey, Mister, is That Your Biological Clock Ticking?

Dear Mr. Dad: My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for quite some time. He’s 45 and I’m 40. We both had extensive testing and it turns out that he has some sperm issues. Our fertility specialist has suggested a number of really expensive treatments, including surgery. Aren’t there any natural options we can try first?

A: We often think of women as the only ones with ticking biological clocks, but men have them too. Starting in their mid-40s, men start developing the “sperm issues” you referred to. In most cases that means one or more of the following: the total number of sperm decreases, they don’t move as quickly or as efficiently, and the number of damaged sperm increases. According to Dr. Brian Clement, coauthor of “7 Keys to Lifelong Sexual Vitality,” sperm count in the current generation of men is only 40 percent of what it was just a generation ago.

To answer your question, you shouldn’t even be considering surgery unless you’ve exhausted all your non-surgical options, including as many of the following as you can:

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Antioxidants May Increase Sperm Quality

We’ve talked a few times on this blog about how men’s sperm quality decreases with age–and their chances of fathering a child with schizophrenia and some genetic defects–increases (the risk is still extremely low, but it is elevated in older men). But there may be hope.

According to Andrew J. Wyrobek, who lead a team of researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Californian and the University of Bradford in England, middle-age and older men who consumed antioxidant-rich foods and supplements had better quality (less damaged) sperm than men who consumed less.

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Could green tea save your life?

If you’re a guy, the answer to that question might be Yes. Turns out that green tea is a natural source of catechins (for some reason that sounds very Catholic) , which are antioxidants that have been shown to decrease prostate cancer risk, fight obesity, protect against heart disease, and a lot more. So having a nice cup o’ tea could be the ticket to a longer life.

A little more detail here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/craig-cooper/real-men-drink-green-tea_b_738955.html