Conspiracy Theories: Reptiles Run the World and Osama is Alive

Conspiracy theories have always been around and probably always will be, which is why the polls from Public Policy Polling are always so entertaining. This time they not only asked Americans about the latest controversial themes, but broke a number of the answers down by political party.

For example, overall, 37 percent of us believe that global warming is a hoax. But when you did a little deeper, Republicans are more than twice as likely as Democrats to agree (58 percent vs. 23 percent). And while 20 percent of Republicans believe Obama is the Anti-Christ, only 6 percent of Democrats and 13 percent of Independents agree.
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Some Trick-Or-Treat Highlights

There’s a street not far from where I live that has absolutely amazing Halloween decorations. Here are a few highlights (the limits of using an iPhone for nighttime hotography are pretty obvious).

Skeleton goalie diving for the ball…



Giant ET. This pumpkin–which measured about six feet across–was one of about 100 that were hand carved by the owner of the house.




Dancing animatronic life-sized aliens…