Kids These Days: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

In recent years we’ve heard a lot about “Generation Me”—young people born between 1981 and 2000, which makes them 32 and under—who are constantly being characterized as selfish, having overinflated egos, no work ethic, and no empathy. Books, articles, TV shows, and every other kind of media insists that today’s young people are qualitatively different than young people of a few generations ago. But is that really true?
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When Adult Children Come Home

My wife and I recently sent our last child off to college. We were ready to sell the house and travel around the country, but our oldest daughter just lost her job and is planning to move back home. How can my wife and I enjoy our retirement but help our daughter at the same time?

One of the biggest risks to adjusting to a child’s leaving is that she might come back. All of us have certain preconceived notions about when major life events are supposed to take place, and we have a social clock that rings at the appropriate time. If the clock doesn’t go off at the right time, we’re likely to feel some stress. Moving out of the house is one of those events, and for most of us, the clock is set for eighteen, which is when the majority of American kids move out.
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