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The Expectant Father: The Ultimate Guide for Dads-to-Be (4th edition)
This million-plus-copy bestseller explores the emotional, financial, and even physical changes the father-to-be may experience during his partner’s pregnancy. Written in an easy-to-absorb format and filled with sound advice and practical tips for men on such topics as how to make sense of your conflicting emotions, how pregnancy affects your sex life, and how to start a college fund, this volume reassures, commiserates, informs, and entertains. Read more…

The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the First Year (3rd edition)
The New Father is an indispensable resource that offers valuable, month-by-month information and tips on all aspects of fatherhood. Incorporating author Armin (Mr. Dad) Brott’s own experiences, those of the hundreds of other dads he’s interviewed, and the advice of top researchers in the parenting field, The New Father is invaluable not only for fathers, but for mothers interested in understanding parenting from a father’s point of view. Read more…


Fathering Your Toddler: A Dad’s Guide to the Second and Third Years
The second and third years of a child’s life are notoriously challenging and parents–especially fathers–often find themselves overwhelmed trying to make sense of their child’s (and their own) developmental stages. Fathering Your Toddler sheds invaluable and compassionate light on the turbulent toddler years, providing fathers (and mothers too) with the tools they need to meet the challenges of being–and staying–active, involved parents. Read more…

Fathering Your School-Age Child: A Dad’s Guide to the Wonder Years, 3-9
Being the father of a preschooler or school-age child is as bewildering as it is wonderful. As your child grows and learns, you’re growing and learning too. But when your child enters preschool, things really start change. Following the success of the three previous volumes in this series: The Expectant Father; The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the First Year; and Fathering Your Toddler—this new book is similarly packed with facts, tips, and advice on all aspects of fatherhood. Read more…

Father for Life: A Journey of Joy, Challenge and Change
While there have been many books about child development and motherhood, little has been written about how fathers change and develop as parents or about how children influence their fathers’ development. Yet most fathers know that a man who’s just found out that his wife is expecting is a very different man from the one he’ll be when he first holds his newborn in his arms. And that same dad will have changed again–psychologically and emotionally–by the time his baby speaks for the first time. But no matter the child’s age, a father is always a father. Read more…

The Military Father: A Hands-on Guide for Deployed Dads
Fathers today play a greater role with their families and children than ever before. However, military dads and dads-to-be are often separated from their families for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, there are very few resources for military (and deployed civilian) fathers, who are looking for guidance on how to be in close touch with their families back home. The Military Father, written by the country’s leading authority on fatherhood, fills that gap, providing deployed dads with everything they need to know to stay (or become) involved with and connected to their family regardless of the distance that separates them. Read more… (Summary and Reviews)

The Single Father: A Dad’s Guide to Parenting without a Partner
Every year in this country, one million fathers get divorced, and another million unmarried men become fathers. Add the million gay fathers out there and the widowers who have children under the age of eighteen, and it’s clear there is a huge population of American men confronted with single parenthood. In The Single Father, best-selling author and fatherhood expert Armin Brott provides single dads with the tools they need to establish and nurture a healthy relationship with their children, whether they have full custody, shared custody, or no custody. Read more…

Throwaway Dads: The Myths and Barriers that Keep Men from Being the Fathers They Want to Be
There’s no question that fathers are vital to child rearing. Studies prove that children with active fathers are far happier and better adjusted than those without. Nevertheless, we are bombarded with negative images of neglectful, uninterested, abusive, deadbeat, and lazy dads. The overall message is clear: fathers are not nearly as important as mothers to the family. But in Throwaway Dads, Armin Brott and Ross Parke explode such myths with real-life studies and hard-hitting statistics. Read more…


By popular demand, we created three new iOS apps.
Mr. Dad on Pregnancy (based on my best-selling book, The Expectant Father)
Mr. Dad on Babies (based on The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the First Year)
Mr. Dad on Military Dads (based on The Military Father: A Hands-on Guide for Deployed Dads)

Oh, and did I mention that they’re all free?

CDs and Audiobooks

being a dad cd: brottBeing a Dad CD
On this 50-minute recording, Armin Brott joins eight fathers to talk about what makes a great dad, how fathers can find a comfortable balance between their roles at work and at home, what children need from their fathers at different ages, and the benefits for men and their families of being more involved as fathers.

Expectant Father audiobookThe Expectant Father audiobook
This audiobook edition features the latest research on many topics, from the reasons for premature birth to nutritional supplements. The finances section has been updated; advice for expectant adoptive fathers has been added throughout; information for fathers expecting twins and other multiples is included; and the resources section and bibliography have been considerably expanded. Contact us to purchase. Read more…

the new father audiobook: brottThe New Father audiobook
This audiobook edition features the latest research on many topics, from what’s going on at the hospital right after childbirth to what a dad can do when his partner is having trouble breastfeeding, to advice for dads in the military and others who are separated from their kids. More information on preemies, twins, and triplets has been added, along with advice for divorced and renewed dads. The resources section and bibliography are considerably expanded. Contact us to purchase. Read more…


toolbox for new dads dvd: brottToolbox for New Dads DVD: Because Babies Don’t Come with Instructions
Expectant dads! New dads! Watch as Armin Brott, America’s leading expert on fathers and families, brings you the essential tools you need to get involved, stay involved, and build a close relationship with your baby. This unique DVD provides strategies, advice, insights, and practical tips on everything you’re likely to encounter along the way. Contact us to purchase. Read more…