Here’s what people are saying about the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval:

We consider Mr. Dad and GreatDad to be the leaders in the honest evaluation of toys that naturally appeal to dads and the often unique way that they interact with their children.

Joe Pokowitz

Prime Time Toys, Ltd.

Dads are looking for ‘kid-friendly’ labels or seals of approval on products and services. Dads should care if a product or service bears these seals because this means real dads have looked at the product and not only given some thought as to whether it’s apparently safe, fun, reputable, good for kids, but have seen the product in action and tested it.

Dr. William Bennett

Ediatrician and a member of the review panel

Being recognized by Armin Brott, an absolute luminary on the topic of dadhood, is an extreme honor for my clients. When I heard about the opportunity to compete for a coveted spot on the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval list, I urged all of my clients to enter. I really appreciate that these products were well-received by Mr. Dad as wonderful things for a father to enjoy with his child.

Lisa Orman

Public Relations, KidStuff

We are delighted at being recognized with a Mr. Dad Seal of Approval. The award validates that our game is a great way for dads to share their knowledge and have fun with their children as together they explore and discuss quotes and questions from topics kids study and know.

Don Reid

Creator and owner, Wiggles 3D

Winning a Mr. Dad Seal of Approval is quite an honor for Trout Fishing in America. It would be hard to ask for a better endorsement of our new CD. Spending time with your kids is about the most important thing you can do as a parent. Besides being musicians and songwriters, we are both Dads and know this from firsthand experience. We’re glad to know that something like exists and are proud to be included. Thanks for your enthusiastic support!

Keith and Ezra

Trout Fishing in America

We’re so thankful that Mr. Dad recognizes talent and quality from independent producers of children’s products. He takes a fresh perspective on toys and media that will truly be enjoyed by the whole family.

Beth Blenz-Clucas

Sugar Mountain PR

We just learned that Baffle Gab won the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval! Although we’ve won many awards, I am most excited about this one. As the father of a seven-week-old girl (our first) I have been giving fatherhood a great deal of thought. Aside from my personal interest in your site and your work, your Seal of Approval assists Dads around the country to identify games that bring families together for quality time while having fun and learning. A great combination!

Craig Olson

CEO, Baffle Gab