Mr. Dad Seal of Approval
Seal of Approval winners, Holiday 2007

fortamajig from happy kid companyOriginal Fortamajig (The Happy Kid Company)
The Fortamajig is a durable, 8’x8′ foot square of colorful, ripstop nylon, complete with doors and windows. Together, dads and kids can build a 4-walled fort, teepee, tunnel, canopy, and almost anything else–indoors or out. It’s washable, portable, and a ton of fun. Ages



kids across parents down by jan buckner walkerKids Across Parents Down(written by Jan Buckner Walker)

  • On the Go
  • Crazy Critters

These terrific crossword puzzles are a great way for dads and kids to spend some fun, educational time together. Kids do the “across” clues and parents handle the (relatively) more difficult “down” ones. To emphasize the sense of accomplishment, each KAPD book includes colorful stickers and a certificate of completion. Our testers loved doing these puzzles with their children, and even the kids who had never done a crossword were instantly hooked. KAPD puzzles also give pre-reading preschoolers an engaging way to practice their letters. Ages 5-9.


lego monsterlego fire stationLEGO(LEGO)

  • Mosaics
  • City Fire Station
  • Creator Monster Dino
  • Mars Mission MB-01 Command Base

LEGO continues to develop creative play opportunities for children (and their dads) of all ages. We chose four different LEGO products for the Seal of Approval. Mosaics (ages 4+) are a great way to get kids comfortable with the LEGO building system, and to exercise their creativity. With the Fire Station (ages 5-12), dads and kids be heroes in their own home, rescuing people and property from every imaginable fire-related danger. The Creator Monster Dino (ages 9-12) is practically alive. Build the T-Rex and then use the new LEGO power system to make him walk, move his head, and roar. dads, and technology enthusiasts. The MB-01 Command Base (ages 8-14) takes dad and his playmate to Mars where they’ve got to figure out how to get home–captured aliens in tow.

you've been sentenced from designs by brighter mindstwisted fish from designs by brighter mindsYou’ve Been Sentenced and Twisted Fish (Designs for Brighter Minds)
Looking for a way to bring the family together but you don’t have a lot of time? These two games could be exasctly what you’re looking for. You’ve Been Sentenced (30-45 minutes, ages 8+) builds vocabulary and creative thinking by having players create sentences out of randomly selected word cards. Twisted Fish(30 minutes, ages 10+) takes the old “Got any 2s?” to a whole new level, with cards like the Green Dogfish and the Purple

mega coaster by mega brandsmega neo from meg brandsMega Bloks(MEGA Brands)

  • Mack & McQueen
  • Diego’s African Safari
  • Icoaster
  • NEO Shifters

Assembling Mack & McQueen and Diego’s African Safari (both for ages 3+) helps preschoolers improve focus and concentration, and builds sequential thinking skills. But it’s the post-assembly play that really encourages father-child interaction. What’s more fun than a riding a roller coaster? Building one! Making ingenious use of magnets, sensors, and music, the Icoaster is a great together toy for Dad and child. In fact, one of our dad testers played with this one long after his kids had gone to sleep. NEO Shifters lets dads and kids collaborate on creating some really bizarre characters and will lead to some wonderful, imaginative play. But that’s not all. By going to, father and child can take their role playing to a whole new level by joining a Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMO).

scholastic video collection from scholasticScholastic Video Collection (Scholastic)
The Scholastic Video Collection brings classic storybooks to life on DVD and promotes a love for reading. Kids adore watching the stories, and Dads can feel confident that they’re providing their children with quality programming. The set includes favorite tales such as Where the Wild Things Are, Curious George Rides a Bike, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Harold and the Purple Crayon, and many others. Stunning illustrations (taken right from the books themselves) and celebrity narration make this an entertaining winner. Ages


chickens by buck howdy and bbChickensCD (Buck Howdy and BB)This Grammy-nominated collection of Western Swing songs will have everyone in the family singing and swaying along. It’s not often that kid-friendly albums appeal to dads, but the fun lyrics and musical sophistication of ‘Chickens” will corral them in. Yee ha!




karito kids from kids giveKarito Kids (KidsGive)
These high quality, ethnically diverse dolls have accurate features that highlight the distinctive beauty of girls from African, Asian, Caucasian, Latina and Mediterranean descent. While Karito Kids are certainly perfect for cuddling with and playing house, additional components make them the perfect activity for fathers, who often feel a little squeamish about playing with dolls. The accompanying books allow fathers to spend time with their daughters while both learn interesting facts about different cultures. With the interactive Internet activities, fathers and daughters can play together while the young girls learn about giving back to those less fortunate than themselves. For families not originally from the United States, Karito Kids help fathers teach children about their heritage in a fun and interesting way!


patrick henry dvdPatrick Henry: Quest for Freedom DVD
Created by two dads, Rob Mercer and John Derrick, who were looking for a way to share history their children. This DVD is a great way to introduce the story of our Founding Fathers’ children and can jump start conversations about history and our country between parents and children.




brazilian playground from putumayoBrazilian Playground CD (Putumayo Kids)
Brazilian Playground takes listeners on a world music adventure through the sounds and cultures of Brazil. Toes will tap to the samba, bossa nova, and forro beats on this eclectic and family-friendly




excitationsExcitations Website (
Excitations, offers parents an alternative to material items that do little to encourage healthy living. Instead, Excitations offers a wide range of experience gifts that will create lasting memories (for both kids and families as a whole). With a few clicks of the mouse at the Excitations web site, vacation-seeking families can choose from literally hundreds of great active experiences, including family whitewater rafting, parent-child cooking classes, rock climbing, kids’ ski camp, family bike tours, scuba diving, and fitness experiences.


father and son read aloud stories by robert gouldFather and Son Read-Aloud Stories, by Robert Gould (Big Guy Books)
This wonderful collection of classic tales gives fathers the opportunity to spend quality bonding time snuggling up and readingwith their sons (and daughters). The text has been typeset in a way that gives hints on how to animate the reading, making bedtime stories a lot more fun for everyone concerned. Ages



comfy keyboard from comfyComfy keyboard and software (Comfy)
Okay, you can stop worrying about your toddler demolishing the family computer! Now they’ll have a nifty keyboard of their very own. The Easy PC Comfy Keyboard opens the door to a rich and exciting multimedia world, combining entertainment with learning and


patemm pad Patemm’ Pad (Patemm)
A stylish and practical solution to the diaper bag, the Patemm’ Pad makes changing your little one quick and simple. The round design accommodates squirmy infants and serves as a sleek, all-in-one bag for diapers, wipes, and even a change of clothes. The mom-invented patemm pads will help dads as well manage changing tasks.



dance praise from digital praise Dance Praise 2: the ReMix (Digital Praise)
Dance Praise 2: the ReMix puts a whole new spin – as well as sway, shuffle, and hop – on high-energy dancing games by combining contemporary Christian music and dance arcades. Kids love the energetic dancing and songs, and parents appreciate the wholesome content with Christian