[amazon asin=0465029825&template=thumbleft&chan=default]Jerome Kagan, author of The Human Spark.
The science of human development.
Issues: Why claims of the impact of attachment are based on misinterpreted research; the intertwined development of language and morality; the limited effects of childhood on later life; the role that culture and historical era play in an individual’s development of traits.

[amazon asin=055380684X&template=thumbleft&chan=default]Daniel Coyle, author of The Talent Code
Topic: Greatness isn’t born, it’s grown.
Issues: The three elements of the talent code: deep practice, ignition, and master coaching; How to identify and encourage deep practice; motivational tools used by the worlds greatest teachers and motivators; how to recognize a growing skill

[amazon asin=0307386384&template=thumbleft&chan=default]Andrew Cherlin, author of The Marriage-Go-Round
Topic: The state of marriage and the family in America Today
Issues: Why religious Americans have a higher divorce rate than non-religious ones; the battle over same-sex marriages; why government support of marriage (over $100 million spent per year!) doesn’t produce the desired results.