hofsas house hotelKeri Tice, from Hofsas House Hotel in Carmel by the Sea, California

carmel food tourStaci Giovino, owner of Carmel Food Tours

Oliver Quinlan, author of The Thinking Teacher
How teaching educators to become better thinkers helps children become better thinkers too
Issues: Why the traditional teaching model of simply delivering a curriculum is completely inappropriate for the 21st Century; helping children become participants in the subject they’re learning rather than simply acquirers of information; how to develop yourself into a thinking teacher who will help nurture thinking children

Jerome Preisler, author of Daniel’s Music
One family’s journey from tragedy to empowerment through faith, medicine, and the healing power of music
Issues: An amazing story of survival against the odds; how Daniel Trush suffered multiple aneurisms, was in a coma for more than a month, endured multiple strokes, and was given slim to no chance of survival. But just a decade later, he completed the NY City marathon.