Coming Up

Robert Lustig, author of Fat Chance.
Beating the odds against sugar, processed food, obesity, and disease.
Issues: The science and politics that have led to the current pandemic of obesity of chronic disease (think diabetes, heart disease, and more); strategies to help us lose weight and recover our health; what happened when researchers took teens off of sugar for 10 days (hint: the results are amazing)

adam breinerAdam Breiner, ND, medical director of The NeuroEdge Brain Performance Center, in Fairfield, CT.
Head injuries, concussions, and brain injury.
Issues: Symptoms, signs, myths, and fact about head injuries and concussions; hyperbaric oxygen therapy, diet moditication, and other unusual–and very successful–treatment options.

Erika Christakis, author of The Importance of Being Little.
What preschoolers really need from grownups.
Issues: The importance of creating an atmosphere of free expression; bolstering children’s resilience; what parents should look for in a preschool; the paradox of early learning (kids are hard-wired to learn but there’s an epidemic of preschool expulsions, medication, and anxiety); why all those craft projects are more for the parents than for the kids.