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rebecca carlDr. Rebecca Carl, sports medicine specialist at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.
Myths and facts about head injuries and concussions.
Issues: Why the benefits of playing sports often outweigh the risk of concussion; why girls are more likely to get concussions than boys; myths and realities about concussions.

adam breinerAdam Breiner, ND, medical director of The NeuroEdge Brain Performance Center, in Fairfield, CT.
Head injuries, concussions, and brain injury.
Issues: Symptoms, signs, myths, and fact about head injuries and concussions; hyperbaric oxygen therapy, diet moditication, and other unusual–and very successful–treatment options.

James Casale, author of Wise Up and Be the Solution.
Creating a culture of learning at home that will make your child a success at school.
Issues: How the modern education system doesn’t cater to the needs of individual children; how to be proactive and have more control over your children’s education; how to get children’s attention and limit distractions; how to understand and be prepared for parent-teacher conferences.

Erika Christakis, author of The Importance of Being Little.
What preschoolers really need from grownups.
Issues: The importance of creating an atmosphere of free expression; bolstering children’s resilience; what parents should look for in a preschool; the paradox of early learning (kids are hard-wired to learn but there’s an epidemic of preschool expulsions, medication, and anxiety); why all those craft projects are more for the parents than for the kids.


Kelly Bulkeley, co-author of Children’s Dreams
Understanding the dreams and nightmares of childhood
Issues: The science of dreams and imagination; the purpose of dreams; dreams of early childhood; dreams of middle and late childhood; interpreting dreams; dreams as play

Christopher Johnson, author of How to talk to Your Child’s Doctor.
Partnering with your doctor to effectively care for your child.
Issues: The importance of the medical history; how and why the doctor examines your child; how to handle a difficult doctor; solving problems the way your doctor does.

Khan-Van Le-Bucklin, author of Twins 101.
Must-have tips for pregnancy through early childhood
Issues: Twin shock—what happens to parents when they get the news they’re expecting multiples; getting twins on the same schedule; telling identical twins apart; critical survival skills for parents of twins.