Alice Domar, author of Finding Calm for the Expectant Mom.
Reducing stress, anxiety, and mood swings during your pregnancy.
Issues:The dangers of comparing yourself to others (friends, celebrities, other pregnant women); what pregnancy is really like; taking care of yourself without appearing selfish; managing expectations; what dads and partners can do to help the pregnant mom; preparing for post-baby life.

Wllliam Miller, author of The Microcosm Within.
Vaccination amnesia
Issues: A brief history of vaccines and the diseases they’ve eradicated or controlled; what is “herd immunity” and how it’s saving your life; Wakefield and his fraudulent research on vaccines–and why it’s so dangerous; why people refuse vaccines and the dangers they’re exposing their kids to.

Jennifer Weeks, author of The New Age of Sex Education.
How to talk to your teen about cybersex and pornography in the digital age.
Issues: Why pornography isn’t always a bad thing; how a parent’s beliefs about sex and sexuality influence how they do or don’t talk to their child about sex; connection between texting and sexting; how to know whether your child is having a problem with sexual identity.

Devorah Heitner, author of Screenwise.
Helping kids thrive and survive in their digital world.
Issues: The differences between “digital natives” and “digital immigrants,” assessing your own digital literacy; becoming a tech-positive parent; friendship and dating in the digital age; how much screen time do kids really have? the “forever” nature of the Internet; where do we go from here?

Gary Mayerson, author of How To Compromise With Your School District Without Compromising Your Child.
Combatting bullying and how to get effective services for children with autism or developmental disabilities.
Issues: Special concerns of kids with special needs; determining the services you need; working with the school district to get what you’re entitled to under the law; why bullies target kids with autism and other developmental disabilities; the importance of encouraging bystanders to confront bullies.

binge-drinkingCaitlin Flanagan, author of an article in the Atlantic magazine, “How Helicopter Parents Cause Binge Drinking.”
Topic: Why the way some white professionals raise their children is exacerbating an alcohol problem on some U.S. college campuses.
Issues: The difference between college drinking in the 1970s and today; the difference between “good parents” and “get-real parents”; how top colleges reward intensity and how binge drinking is a perfect form of that quality; why black students drink less than students of any other race.