Overcoming Cardio Boredom

Cardio is one of the least glamorous and appealing aspects of exercise and physical fitness. Why? Because it’s boring.

Being confined to a treadmill for an entire hour five times a week does help you lose weight, but it’s dreadfully uninteresting. Maybe watching TV helps (which most gyms will allow you to do now while in the cardio area), but doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose of exercising?

Besides, when you’re running hard and keeping your heart rate up, it’s hard to focus on anything else, much less a TV show that reminds you of fond memories at home on the couch.
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My Prostate Cancer Coach Brings New Tools to Prostate Cancer Patients, Families

Prostate Cancer 101As we’re in the second half of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, we find new tools and resources to help those affected by the condition – both those diagnosed with prostate cancer as well as loved ones of those diagnosed – which can answer a lot of basic questions about the condition.

This month, positive coverage has been popping up in the media about prostate cancer prevention, screenings and treatment options. [Read more…]

Top Four Anti-DUI Apps

The risks associated with drinking and driving have been well documented. In fact, according to the CDC some 30 people die each and every day in the U.S. in a crash involving an alcohol-impaired driver. If that statistic isn’t enough to get people to seriously consider the effects of drinking and driving, it’s hard to imagine what could. The good news is that there are those out there who are doing their part to eliminate this very serious issue. Many avoid drinking and driving altogether or simply utilize the services of a friend or acquaintance as a designated driver. Technology can even play a role in curbing this scourge once and for all – in the form of mobile apps.

Yes, there are helpful mobile applications out there available for both of the major platforms (iPhone/Android) that can help prevent a fun night out from turning into a tragedy. Here are just a few of the most helpful options. [Read more…]

Tips for Curbing Lower Back Pain While Driving

Lower back pain is the scourge of a sizeable portion of the American public. Indeed, according to the ACA, some 31 million U.S. citizens suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives. For a few, the problem is mild; for others, it is a chronic issue defined by discomfort. And these problems are only exacerbated by common activities such as flying, sitting in an office chair for extended periods of time, and, yes, even driving. For many back-pain sufferers, that long road trip or weekend drive brings with it the promise of aches and pains.

But while this affliction is a common one, there is no need for the average person to resign him or herself to a life of lower back pain. In fact, there are plenty of things the average person can do to alleviate discomfort each and every time they get in the car. Here are just a few of them.
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Swordplay for Modern Self-Defense? More Likely Than You Think

swordfighting for fitness and healthIf you ask most people what the predominant weapon of today’s age is, the answer would likely be ‘the handgun’. They’re right, of course; since about the 17th century we’ve moved away from using swords, daggers, and assorted other close-combat weapons in any meaningful capacity. Sure, they still float around in people’s houses, or you might learn some sword arts in a kenjutsu dojo if you’re lucky, but you generally don’t expect melee weapons training to come in handy on the street should (Heaven forbid) someone attack you, right? Not necessarily true. If you have a collection of historical replica swords, you might as well learn to use them. [Read more…]

Flossing and Aging

flossing is important as we ageAs we age many things become more difficult. One of the hardest to deal with is maintaining proper dental care. Because our hands are less flexible and mobile as we get older, oral care becomes increasingly difficult – especially flossing. Flossing involves gripping the hand to hold a very thin piece of floss and getting it into the back of the mouth to make sure all teeth are reached. Limited motor skills or health problems such as arthritis can make this simple task an ordeal. Flossing is incredibly important because it removes and prevents the build up of plaque and food debris between teeth which can cause further gum and tooth problems. Thankfully there are many products on the market today which make it quite simple to obtain the benefits of flossing. [Read more…]