The SMART Approach to Parenting + The Transformation of Adolescent Girls

Richard Greenberg, author of Raising Children That Other People Like to be Around.
Five common-sense musts from a father’s point of view.
Issues: The S-M-A-R-T approach to parenting: Set an example; Make the rules; Apply the rules; Respect Yourself; Teach in all things.

Tim Jordan, author of Sleeping Beauties, Awakened Women.
Understanding and guiding the transformation of adolescent girls
Issues: There has been a lot of attention paid to the rising levels of depression, anxiety, cutting, and relationship aggression in girls over the past few decades. But what if those issues aren’t the problem? What if we got it all wrong? In this show, we speak with one of the country’s leading experts on girls and find out what’s really going on with girls as they make the normal transformation from girl to woman.

Please Don’t Bite the Baby + Good Kids, Bad Choices

Lisa Edwards, author of Please Don’t Bite the Baby.
Keeping your kids and your dogs safe and happy together.
Issues: Making sure your dog is prepared for a baby; verifying that your dog is properly trained and will respond quickly and properly; the basic commands your dog should know; how to train children to behave with dogs; why you should never leave a dog and child alone; what to do if something goes wrong.

Barb Van Loon, author of Good Kids, Bad Choices.
Why your kids are breaking the law and how to get them to stop.
Issues: Differences between youth crimes and adult crimes; recognizing red flags that may indicate that your child is engaged in criminal activity; non-violent crimes that could land your kid in jail (including cyberbullying, sexting, pornography, identify theft, and so on); when to blame yourself and when not; is it possible to recover from having a crime on your record?

Children with Sensory Integration Issues + Warren Farrell

Sally Freyer Dietz, author of When Kids Fly!
Solutions for Children with Sensory Integration Challenges.
Issues: How to know whenyou should worry whether there’s something wrong with your child; making sense of your child’s senses–and what they have to do with his or her development; how to be your child’s advocate; treatments to improve your child’s sensory motor development and function; the journey ahead.

warren farrellWarren Farrell, author, activist, thinker.
The career and passions of a pioneer in men’s issues, women’s issues, and men’s health.
Issues: How the women’s movement backtracked on its goal of gender equality; the differences between fathers and mothers–and the advantages to children of having both; the need for a commission on men and boys, the need for a federally funded (and supported) Office of Men’s Health. Click to sign the petition to create the Office of Men’s Health.

Acing Competitive Admissions + Eating Disorders + College Tuition Sticker Shock

Kim Palacios, author of From Preschool to Grad School.
Topic: Strategies for success at any level of competitive admissions.
Issues:Three things all schools want; two questions you must be able to answer; crafting your story; the role of social media; application fraud and cheating; admissions consultants.

Johana Marie McShane, coauthor of Why She Feels Fat.
Topic: Understanding your loved one’s eating disorder and how you can help.
Issues:Why what seems to family and friends as bizarre, irrational behavior actually makes sense to the person with the disorder; evaluating therapy vs hospitalization; the gender breakdown of eating and body-image disorders.

David Rye, author of Financial Aid for College.
Topic: Getting the money you need ant for the school you want.
Issues: Overcoming college tuition sticker shock; the difference between loans, grants, scholarships, and work-study programs; how to find little-known scholarships; federal and state grants.

Better Thinking Skills + Change Your Attitude + Positive Discipline + Screamfree Parenting

Michael Starbird, coauthor of The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking.
Topic: Not everyone is born a genius, but you can train your brain to think better.
Issues: Learning to understand things more deeply; turning mistakes into insights; how answers can lead to questions; creating new ideas from old ones; how to promote effective thinking.

Jude Bijou, author of Attitude Reconstruction.
Topic: A blueprint for building a better life
Issues: Could all your problems stem from unexpressed sadness, anger, or fear? Is it possible to turn your life around in less than five minutes a day? Communication rules that let you speak up about anything to anyone.

Ronald Mah, author of Difficult Behavior in Early Childhood.
Topic: Positive discipline for pre-K – third grade and beyond.
Issues: Reconciling different behavioral expectations of families and schools; applying timeout effectively; motivating children immediately and powerfully; identifying early signs of depression, anxiety, and special needs.

Hal Runkel, author of Screamfree Parenting.
Topic: Raising your kids by keeping your cool.
Issues: Why your emotional reactions to a child’s misbehavior backfires; parenting is not about kids—it’s about parents; why the greatest thing we can do for our kids is learn to focus on ourselves; how empty threats are really broken promises.

Creating a Beautiful Mess + Surviving the Toddler Years

Ann Gadzikowski, author of Creating a Beautiful Mess.
Essential play experiences for a joyous childhood.
Issues: Playing with blocks; turn-taking games; pretend and make believe; the joys of messes; finding and collecting; and more.

Dawn Dais, The Sh!t No One Tells You About Toddlers.
A guide to surviving the toddler years
Issues: Restaurants are battle zones: don’t even bother trying to feed a toddler; potty training; taking the fun out of vacations; when you’re not the favorite parent.