Energies of Love + Fat Chance

Donna Eden, coauthor of The Energies of Love.
Invisible keys to a fulfilling partnership.
Issues: Four energy types (visual, kinesthetic, digital, and tonal) and the way each makes sense of the world; how your energy tope determines the way you communicate, fight, love, and want to be loved.

Robert Lustig, author of Fat Chance.
Beating the odds against sugar, processed food, obesity, and disease.
Issues: The science and politics that have led to the current pandemic of obesity of chronic disease (think diabetes, heart disease, and more); strategies to help us lose weight and recover our health; what happened when researchers took teens off of sugar for 10 days (hint: the results are amazing)

The Dad’s Side of Assisted Reproduction + Raising Athletes + How to Help Others

Matthew Miller, author of Maybe Baby
The story of assisted reproduction and attempted parenthood—from the dad’s perspective
Issues: The anguish of infertility; the anger, frustration, humor, and heartbreak that dads (and moms) experience.

Karen Ronney, author of Proud Parents Guide to Raising Athletic, Balanced, and Coordinated Kids
A lifetime of benefit in just 10 minutes a day
Issues: How to jump-start your child’s developmental skills; creating a lifestyle of family fitness; maximizing your child’s learning style while enjoying positive, consistent playtime.

Joe Gurkoff, coauthor of How Can I Help?
What you can (and can’t) do to counsel a friend, colleague, or family member with a problem
Issues: Learning to listen, clarify and define the problem, map a realistic path to success, improve accountability, and regain your independence.

Emotional Safety + How Teaching Works

Joshua Straub, author of Safe House.
How emotional safety is the key to raising kids who live, love, and lead well.
Issues: Why emotional safety matters; understanding your parenting “story” and how it affects you and your child; building a safe house with four walls: explore, protect, grace, and truth; the science of emotional safety.

Elizabeth Green, author of Build a Better Teacher.
How teaching works and how to teach it to everyone.
Issues: Everyone agrees that a great teacher can have an enormous impact. But is it simply a matter of natural charisma, or can it be taught to millions of people who make up the American teaching workforce?

Discipline without Damage + Personal Finance on an Index Card

Vanessa Lapointe, author of Discipline without Damage.
How to get your kids to behave without messing them up.
Issues: Why most of what parents learn about discipline is either wrong, damaging, or both; basic child development and brain science info to help you better discipine your child; a way to instinctively navigage challanging moments with ease.

Harold Pollack, coauthor of The Index Card.
Why personal finance doesn’t have to be complicated.
Issues: Ten simple, no-nonsense, jargon-free, easy-to-follow, pieces of advice to follow to create a financial plan that will work if good times and bad.

Building Children’s Mental Toughness + Living with a SEAL

Rob Bell, coauthor of Don’t “Should” on Your Kids.
Building your children’s mental toughness.
Issues: Why “sports is 90% mental” is 100% wrong; when and how to talk to your kids about their sports performance; helping kids find their passions in sports; when to push and when to back off.

Jesse Itzler, author of Living with a SEAL.
31 days training with the toughest man on the planet
Issues: An inspiring, hilarious story of friendship, discovery, fitness, muscle soreness, pushing limits, and the benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Helping Kids Talk about Death + Avoiding the Dangers of Driving

Joseph Primo, author of What Do We Tell the Children?
Talking to kids about death and dying.
Issues: Learning to help kids deal with the “how” and “why” of death and loss; the importance of honest communication; giving kids coping skills they’ll be able to use throughout their lives.

Tim Hollister, author of Not So Fast.
Parenting your teen through the dangers of driving
Issues: How brain development affects driving; what driver’s ed doesn’t produce safe drivers; how and why to prepare a “flight plan” for each drive before handing over the keys; how an when to say no.