Setting Your Child on the Path to Adventurous Eating

Nimali Fernando, coauthor of Raising a Healthy, Happy Eater.
A guide to setting your child on the path to adventurous eating.
Issues: Which milestones to look for as children progress; why poor eating habits develop when they do; steps to help little ones start self-feeding; helpful insights on the sensory system; healthy eating around the world (yes,that may include hot peppers).

Why Your Kids Are Breaking the Law and How to Get Them to Stop

Barb Van Loon, author of Good Kids, Bad Choices.
Why your kids are breaking the law and how to get them to stop.
Issues: Differences between youth crimes and adult crimes; recognizing red flags that may indicate that your child is engaged in criminal activity; non-violent crimes that could land your kid in jail (including cyberbullying, sexting, pornography, identify theft, and so on); when to blame yourself and when not; is it possible to recover from having a crime on your record?

Conversations with Warren Farrell

warren farrellWarren Farrell, author, activist, thinker.
The career and passions of a pioneer in men’s issues, women’s issues, and men’s health.
Issues: How the women’s movement backtracked on its goal of gender equality; the differences between fathers and mothers–and the advantages to children of having both; the need for a commission on men and boys, the need for a federally funded (and supported) Office of Men’s Health. Click to sign the petition to create the Office of Men’s Health.

The Secrets to Competitive Admissions: From Preschool to Gradschool

Kim Palacios, author of From Preschool to Grad School.
Topic: Strategies for success at any level of competitive admissions.
Issues:Three things all schools want; two questions you must be able to answer; crafting your story; the role of social media; application fraud and cheating; admissions consultants.

Training Your Brain + Blueprint for a Better Life

Michael Starbird, coauthor of The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking.
Topic: Not everyone is born a genius, but you can train your brain to think better.
Issues: Learning to understand things more deeply; turning mistakes into insights; how answers can lead to questions; creating new ideas from old ones; how to promote effective thinking.

Jude Bijou, author of Attitude Reconstruction.
Topic: A blueprint for building a better life
Issues: Could all your problems stem from unexpressed sadness, anger, or fear? Is it possible to turn your life around in less than five minutes a day? Communication rules that let you speak up about anything to anyone.

Raising Joyful Children in a Stressful World

Katie Hurley, author of The Happy Kid Handbook.
How to raise joyful children in a stressful world.
Issues: Understanding children’s personalities and temperaments; teaching children how to regulate their emotions; helping children discover the importance of empathy; teaching assertiveness skills; reducing children’s stress and anxiety; helping kids cope with frustration.