toolbox for new dads dvd: brottExpectant dads! New dads! Watch as Armin Brott, America’s leading expert on fathers and families, brings you the essential tools you need to get involved, stay involved, and build a close relationship with your baby. This unique DVD provides strategies, advice, insights, and practical tips on everything you’re likely to encounter along the way.

Topics include:

  • First baby? What you need to know about feeding. Crying. Sleeping. Diapers.
  • And, yes, your critical role in breastfeeding.
  • Making sense of your changing emotions and unexpected anxieties and fears.
  • Helping your partner (and yourself!) through post-partum depression.
  • Your changing sex life.
  • How your baby will affect your relationship with your partner—and keeping that relationship healthy.
  • Juggling your work and family roles.
  • Special concerns of older first-time dads.

Get answers to important questions like:

Q:  What do babies do?

Q:  Why do babies cry and how can I get mine to stop?

Q:  What activities are safe to do with newborns?

Q:  The diaper decision: Which are better, cloth or disposables?

Q:  Why is breastfeeding so good for babies?

Q:  What kind of role can a dad play in breastfeeding?

Q:  How are my relationships with my friends and family (including my wife) going to change?

Q:  How will new fatherhood affect your life?

Q:  Is it safe for us to have our baby sleep in our bed?