Fascinating new study of men and women seems to show that guys who work in “gender atypical” occupations — jobs that are dominated by women (nurses, for example), tend to spend a lot more time doing guy stuff around the house.That means tinkering with the plumbing, working on the car, painting, mowing the lawn, etc. Seems that they have to reestablish their masculinity.

Women who work in male-dominated professions tend to do the same–taking on a lot of traditionally female tasks after work. But they don’t do it quite as much as men. Apparently, working in a male-dominated profession isn’t as threatening to women’s femininity as the masculinity threats that guys feel when they work in female-dominated jobs.

full article here:  http://healthland.time.com/2012/03/02/why-men-in-female-centric-professions-spend-more-time-on-guy-chores/#ixzz1oabK6Uip