With more channels and shows than ever before, your child has access to a breadth of information and entertainment. However, it can be just as easy for children to access adult-content. With this sponsored guide, written by Robert Bell, you will find the best option for children’s programming and the parental controls to keep them safe.

Netflix offers a wide array of programming perfect for children of all ages. However, Netflix has a few inconsistencies with its parental control system.
Netflix allows you to select the age-range for each account. Main accounts can view all of the available content, while controlled accounts can view content in ranges from Little Kids, Older Kids, and Teenagers. If you want your kid to only access Little Kids content, they will have to sign into their own sub-account in order for the filter to work. Netflix currently allows for a total of four accounts per subscription.
The main downside is that unrated shows will be unaffected. While content like Breaking Bad will be blocked, independent shows may slip through the cracks. Also, it can take up to eight hours for the control settings to be implemented. While Netflix does allow for parental controls, it is far from perfect.

Amazon Instant Video
Amazon Instant Video offers content for a wide range of audiences. From the latest blockbuster film to an obscure show from the seventies, Amazon has thousands of titles and counting. They also offer versatile parental controls.
By going to Amazon Instant Video Settings and Devices, you can limit the content available to your child on any device that they use. If they have registered their laptop for Amazon’s services, then simply select that device and limit selected content. The changes are done instantly, and they can only be controlled via the master account. As long as your kids don’t get your password, you will have control over their viewing choices at all times.

Apple TV
Apple TV allows you to bundle together your favorite streaming services. While your children will never run out of interesting content, Apple TV is not ideal when it comes to parental control. While it allows for control, it lacks the options and ease of other similar services.
If you want to limit Hulu content, you will receive a passcode that can be used to regain access. However, this means that your child cannot access anything provided by Hulu, and you will need to enter the passcode every time you wish to enjoy your favorite shows. Since most channels offer a mix of child and adult content, this broad-control is not ideal.

Direct TV
Direct TV has a great selection of shows, channels, and child-oriented programming. Direct TV also allows you to have the greatest control over your child’s viewing habits. Pick up DirecTV using www.SaveonTVDirect.com and pick up Starz for three months free. You can limit adult shows that they may be interested in, limit the shows above a certain rating, and limit the time your child spends watching television. To bypass this system, you can enter in your own pin code to enjoy uninterrupted programming.

– Robert Bell