If you’re involved in divorce proceedings–or you think you might be at some point in the future–you’d better pay some serious attention to your social media life. We’ve all heard the stories about people losing job offers after wild photos of them showed up on Facebook or after making a negative Tweet about the employer. Well, according to California divorce law firm Dishon & Block, lawyers are looking at Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and other social media sites for smoking guns that can help them better represent their clients.

According to Dishon & Black, social media can be used to reveal:

  • an individual’s state of mind
  • validation and corroboration of communication
  • proof of time and place
  • evidence of actions

What does that mean? Well, according to managing partner Aaron Dishon. “With the advancement in technology and modernizing of laws, the information you share online may be used as evidence against you. Likewise if your counsel is tech-savvy in using social media evidence, it may work in your favor to support your case.”

You can get more detail about how attorneys are using social media in divorce (and other cases, including personal injury, worker’s comp, etc) here.