The statistics on teenage binge drinking are pretty scary: A recent report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse says that 8% of kids 12-17 and 30% of kids 18-20 have binged within the past 30 days (that means 5 or more drinks in two hours for men, 4 for women). And here’s something even scarier: Only 1% of parents of teens (yep, just 1 in 100) thinks their teen has binged.

What accounts for that incredibly high-level of parental ignorance (or denial or obliviousness)?

Part of the problem may be that the parents may be too drunk to notice. According to a new study done in the UK, a third of children live with a parent who is a binge drinker (defined as 8 or more drinks at one sitting for men, 6 or more for women).