When it comes to buying gifts, it’s a tossup whether it’s harder for a man or a woman. But when Valentine’s Day comes around, all the promos are for feminine gifts, leaving a poor woman puzzled about what to get her man. According to a recent survey, 37 percent of men would be devastated if their significant other forgot Valentine’s Day. So spend some time and money to make your guy feel special. There are plenty of myths surrounding what to buy a man you love. The stereotype suggests that you should buy him manly gifts such as tools and beer, but hardly any guy actually fits just those stereotypes. Getting him a gift that goes against the trends shows that you love him enough to be interested in what he actually wants and needs. And isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

All Men Love Tools

If this were true, we’d have a surplus of homes, piles of handmade furniture lying around and never a leaky faucet. In fact, while many men do like tools, they like them because they’re a form of gadget. If you buy a man a gadget, it shows that you know what he likes and have taken the time to further investigate his interests. For a foodie, kitchen tools, including a pepper mill or garlic press, are gadgets. Photography buffs love their gadgets including lenses, tripods or remote controls, and often walk around with a bag full of them. From bookworms with their eBook readers to car enthusiasts with the latest navigational equipment, men who receive gadgets are usually grinning from ear to ear.

Men Don’t Like Flowers

Photo by Sunchild57 via Flickr

Giving someone flowers means you care about them enough to give a special, beautiful gift. Who doesn’t like that? In truth, the flower industry spent the last 50 years advertising mostly to men who buy flowers for women, but every man likes to get a special surprise on Valentine’s Day. Giving him a bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers means you think he has good taste and is secure in his masculinity. Choose a bouquet in a coffee mug for a double-duty gift or make the bouquet a part of a larger collection of presents. Pick a strong color such as orange or blue, and stay away from the pinks and lavenders. Try to avoid the overly feminine arrangements with lots of lace and ribbons or it will end up looking like you couldn’t find anything appropriate, and just settled for any bouquet.

Beer is Good

Photo of a beer kit by Eldoreth via Flickr

The myth is that regular guys like regular beer, and upscale guys like craft beer, but if you’re a guy you have to like beer. This is like saying that every woman has to like dark chocolate. Everyone’s taste is different, and your guy may prefer vintage wines, single-origin coffee beans or flavorful herbal teas. There’s nothing wrong with buying him a classic beverage for Valentine’s Day. Just make sure it’s something he’ll actually enjoy.

Gifts Have to be Wrapped

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Not every gift has to come in a package with wrapping paper and a bow. The best gift for your man may be your time spent with him on something he enjoys. Go to a sporting event, take classes together or promise him a massage every week. Your loving attention will make it even more special.