No big surprise that parents play a big role in their children’s diets. But that doesn’t necessarily mean what you might think The natural tendency for a parent of an overweight or obese child is to put the child on a diet or getting them up at 5am to run a few miles. A recent study at UC San Diego found that the most inspiring and motivational way to help kids drop weight is to start losing weight yourself—“more than making changes to the home food environment or enrolling kids in physical activities,” researchers said.

This really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Whether they admit it or not, our kids look to us for how to behave, what to do, what not to do. A great example of this happened a few years ago when Joe Girardi, manager of the NY Yankees got braces. He didn’t need them—and for a guy who spends a lot of time on television, they certainly didn’t do much of his looks. So why did he get them? Because his then 5-year old daughter was getting braces and she was scared. So he promised that if she got them, he would too. As a dad (or mom), you just gotta love that story.