Is it that time of year already? Must be, because I’m already feeling behind on my holiday shopping…  Fortunately, tomorrow, November 10, is Neighborhood Toy Store Day (what? You didn’t know?), which means I can kick off the season and start checking things off my list–without having to brave the crowds at the nearest mall.

What’s so great about Neighborhood Toy Store Day (this is the third annual celebration, by the way)?

Well, one of the nicest things is that when you support your neighborhood toy store, you’re supporting your community and probably saving a few jobs. In addition, the staff at local toy stores tends to be more knowledgeable about toys and games. They often have a more diverse range of products (including those made by small manufacturers). And because they know you (and your kids), they are often able to provide better customer service than the big guys. So all in all, your neighborhood toy store is supporting the community as well.

If you don’t know where your local store is, you can find one at

So pack up the kids and make an afternoon of it. Participating stores will have something for everyone: face painting, family crafts projects, live shows, and even some special discounts.



Full disclosure: I’m participating in an ASTRA-sponsored post and am being compensated. However, the opinions are purely my own. Compensated or not, I never write about positive reviews of things I don’t like.