This is like some weird Twilight Zone episode. The Lennox (near Los Angeles) Little League is almost forced to shut down because the school that owns the baseball diamond has jacked up the fees. So who steps in to save America’s Passtime? A “gentlemen’s club” called Jet Strip. Worse than that, grilled hamburgers and hot dogs are banned at the games. What’s next, outlawing motherhood and apple pie?
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Strip club gives Little Leaguers the opportunity to play ball

Published: 8:18 pm
Updated: 8:20 pm
A Southland Little League will stay on the field for another season after a generous tip from a local strip club.

Hundreds of players from the Lennox Little League will get the chance to play on after the $1,200 donation from the Jet Strip Gentleman’s Club.

But the windfall from the Jet Strip combined with $1,600 in other donations may not be enough to keep the league operating beyond this year.

Fees from the K-8 Lennox School District — which owns all the baseball diamonds with a one-square-mile area surrounding Los Angeles International Airport — have doubled since December.

The traditional baseball fare of grilled hot dogs and hamburgers have also been banned at league games, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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