The dark side of parenting–will it ever end? Probably not.

I don’t know why this kind of thing continues to amaze me…

New Jersey mother of seven, Patricia Krentcil, is facing child endangerment charges for allegedly taking her 5-year old daughter into a tanning booth. Krentcil, who, as you can see from the pictures, is a regular tanning salon customer, denies the charges. She says that her daughter got sunburned by being outside on an especially warm April Day (ever heard of sunscreen?) But the daughter, who was itching from the sunburn, told administrators at her school that she had been in the tanning booth with her mom.

'Tanning mom' Patricia Krentcil banned from over 60 tanning salons, says report

When a TMZ reporter asked whether Krenctil thought the case against her was some kind of witch hunt, Krentcil said, “Yes. Yes. There’s somebody out there on my whole life that doesn’t like me because they’re jealous, they’re fat and they’re ugly.”

Witch hunt or not, Krentcil has been banned by more than 60 tanning salons in the New Jersey/Tri-State  area. According to the New York Post, some salons have even put up Wanted posters so employees can be sure to keep her off the premises.

More on this story here.

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  1. um…EW
    just EW. she’s mad gross. and she gives Jersey a bad name. shame on you, fake skin, fake hair- and then calling others fat and ugly?….but bringing your baby into a tanning booth….like the fire of a witch hunt could burn her. she’d likely oil up for the event. gross.

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