Yesterday, it was the couple who left their kids along while they gallivanted around Las Vegas. A few days before that, there was the guy who made his son stand on a corner with a sign asking people to honk if they felt getting Fs on a report card was good. And then there were the school administrators who made a 15-year old girl get up in front of the entire school and announce that she was pregnant.

So why am I not surprised at the moronic father in Missouri who decided that the best way to discipline his 4-year old son by shooting him with a BB gun?

Over the 20+ years I’ve been a dad, I definitely contemplated doing all sorts of horrible things to my kids. But like most people, I left my fantasies at the door and took away someone’s privileges or cancelled a playdate or some other mundane thing.

But to actually shoot a child with a BB gun? There has to be a special place in prison for jerks like that. And when he gets there, I hope he has to share a cell with the Oklahoma couple who were so busy making meth in their kitchen that they didn’t notice that their toddler had eaten a bag of the drugs, and the Florida pair who were also running a combination meth lab/daycare center.