Think about all the apps you have on your phone, iPad, and anything else. And have you ever looked at—I mean really looked at—the privacy policy for those apps? Well, if you did, you’re certainly in the minority. I don’t think I’ve ever read the fine print (or any of the print at all) on most privacy policies. I just check the box and move on. After all, what harm could come of it? 

The FTC just did a review of the promotional pages for 400 apps aimed at kids and under two percent of them actually outlined the kind of information that’s gathered and how the company plans to use it.

According to the FTC, smartphones routinely collect all sorts of data straight from the device. Sometimes it’s just enough data to target the ads that keep so many apps free or cheap. But in many cases, you may be inadvertently giving up your location, your phone number, your entire contact list, incoming and outgoing call logs, and more. And given that the devices in question belong to you, your life just became an open book.

There are actually laws that outlaw collecting data from kids under 13 unless a parent approves. And one company, W3 Innovations LLC got hit with a hefty fine for violating them.

So before you hand over your device or tell your child your password so she can download something from the app store while you’re busy driving, think about whether you’re okay with giving out every bit of personal information you have.

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