For several years, millions of people across the globe have made Mother’s Day a day to prepare a happy surprise for the loving women in their lives. The roots of this very special day can be traced to ancient Greek and Roman times but the theme began to catch on in the UK where Mothering Sunday was celebrated long before the day became an official holiday in the United States. Julia Ward Howard and Anna Jarvis are credited with pushing to make Mother’s Day an official holiday in the U.S. Now more than 40 countries around the world share this special day in honor of the women who bring life into the world.

Although the holiday has certainly taken on it’s own significance as time has evolved, the initial intent of the day was to celebrate the peace and nurturing that a mother brings to a household. Initially the holiday was scheduled for June 2nd according to historical accounts, but later the official holiday was slated for celebration on the second Sunday in May. President Woodrow Wilson is credited for officially making the day a national holiday in May of 1914.

The tradition of giving mom flowers on Mother’s Day also began with Anna Jarvis. Her mother’s favorite flower was the carnation. Jarvis frequently would gift her mother a bouquet of carnations to commemorate the holiday. After her mother’s passing, she’d send carnations to the church where they frequently attended services while her mother was alive. This tradition is said to be the reason why carnations are a common flower associated to mother’s day.

Today, the tradition of sending mom flowers and planning a happy surprise continues. While some people lament the commercialization of the holiday, others take it as a special opportunity to show mom how much she means to the whole family.

For families living in the San Antonio area, there exists plenty of options to help the whole family celebrate Mother’s Day. To keep with the tradition initially set up by one of the original organizers of this special holiday, several florists in the area offer beautiful bouquets and have delivery services to ease the work on your end. While the traditional flower of Mother’s Day is the carnation, bouquets also include roses, tulips, lilies, and daisies. Arrangements are available in all price ranges. Make the bouquet special by choosing a vase in mom’s favorite color.

After choosing some flowers for mom, plan a special day for her. The type of happy surprise that you plan should strictly focus on what mom likes best. Almost every mom likes to be pampered, but all mom’s have a different definition of what that means. For some moms, a spa day is a perfect gift. Others may appreciate the simple pleasure of breakfast in bed and a free day to relax and languish. A day trip and a picnic is also a viable option for the whole family to celebrate this special time with mom.

No matter what you do, keep in mind that it is the thought that counts.When it comes to planning a special day to celebrate with mom, keep in mind her interests and what really makes her feel special. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to make mom happy. A simple effort and thoughtfulness may be all that is necessary to make Mother’s Day a very special day, not just for mom, but for the whole family.