Old-School Parenting + Empowering Bullied Kids

Michael Mascolo, author of 8 Keys to Old-School Parenting.
Why the “old” ways of parenting might be better than the “new” ways.
Issues: The shift from adult-centered parenting to child-centered parenting and why it’s been a failure; when parental authority became a bad thing; how to value your authority as a parent; cultivating your child’s character; applying discipline instead of punishment; raising self-directed children who are active learners.

Jodee Blanco, editor of Bullied Kids Speak Out.
How bullied kids survive–and how you can too.
Issues: Different types of bullying, the problem with “zero tolerance” programs; how children should respond to bullies; the role of parents and teachers in stopping bullying; survival strategies for victims; how bullies can apologize.

The Paranoid Dad’s Intro to Finding Secure Mobile Hotspots

mrdad - ATT  netgear mobile hotspot

mrdad - ATT  netgear mobile hotspotAT&T and NETGEAR provided a unit to facilitate this review. However, as with everything I write, all opinions are my own.

As a full-time writer, I can work anywhere; all I really need is a good Internet connection and an electrical outlet. Over the years, I’ve worked in hundreds of coffee shops, airports, offices, libraries, and dozens of hotels, and have taken full advantage of their free wi-fi. In a few cases, I even paid for it. But whether I paid or not, I’ve always clicked through the “Information sent over this network might be visible to others” warning without giving it a second thought. After all, nobody would really look at my data, right? Wrong. Very, very wrong.
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#MilitaryFamilyFriday: Acing the Military PFT

Throughout your military tenure—starting possibly even before you get to boot camp–you’ll be required to pass the standard PFT (physical fitness test) and meet basic weight standards. Here’s everything you need to know to totally crush the PFT. Read the rest of this article on my about.com minisite.

I’m always looking for great organizations, programs, and other resources to help the men and women who serve our country. If you’ve got a suggestion or referral, please drop an email to armin [at] mrdad [dot] com.

Playmobil and the U.S. Coast Guard

playmobil rescue boatCity Action Rescue Boat
The Coast Guard has a bit of an identity crisis. It started off as part of the Department of Treasury, then got transferred over to the Department of Transportation, and is now under the Department of Homeland Security. They’re also considered a branch of the military. But whoever they are, they do a great job of protecting our coasts and waterways. With the City Action Rescue Boat, your child can give the Coast Guard the respect they deserve, honoring them as they rescue drowning swimmers, battle pirates, and take on other rescue operations. They can even put out fires (or squirt the cat) with the included plunger. The set includes the boat itself, three figures, first aid kit, hoses, rescue ring, and more. $52.95. Ages 4-10.

playmobil coast guard stationCity Action Coast Guard Station with Lighthouse
Those Coast Guard heroes need to go somewhere at the end of a long, danger-filled day, right? And nothing could be better than their own station, complete with a functioning lighthouse and an observation room where the duty officers can keep a close eye on the coast and dispatch rescue crews as needed. The set comes with everything you and the kids need to create amazing adventures together: a boat, five Playmobil figures (who love to wait in line for the Ferris wheel on their day off), rescue rings, a full set of scuba gear, loads of medical and safety equipment, a cable winch to haul boats out of the water, and more. $79.95. Ages 4-10. http://www.playmobil.us/

They’re Heeere! Brand New Editions of “The Expectant Father” and “The New Father” Are Out

The brand-spankin’-new, updaed, revised, improved editions of The Expectant Father: The Ultimate Guide for Dads-to-Be (Fourth Edition) and The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the First Year (Third Edition) are here!

With more than a million copies sold, both are considered the classics in the field. They’ve been completely revamped for the modern dad and feature the very latest research and discussions for today’s fathers.