Most guys, present company included, are fascinated by the ways women cope with pregnancy and childbirth. One of those ways is by listening to music. And any expectant dad who’s been in the labor/delivery room knows that the mom-to-be’s musical taste can change on a dime. In this guest post, Justin Miller helps explain why women listen to music during labor and delivery.

You are about to give birth and want it to be the best experience possible. Would it help to listen to music while in labor and giving birth? Yes. Music is an effective tool when it comes to pain management and it also helps distract the woman from pain. Music therapy is helpful in many ways, including during labor and childbirth because it creates a relaxing experience.

Pregnancy can be stressful as can labor and deliver. A woman may be anxious about her child’s health, her own and worried about the actual act of laboring and giving birth. Some experts believe material angst leads to birth complications and perhaps even to fetal abnormalities, so it is a good idea to listen to calming music throughout the pregnancy, which helps keep stress levels under control.

Women who listened to soft music during labor, and delivery experienced a reduction in sensation as well as less emotional anguish. It is believed music alters the perception of pain. When a laboring woman’s attention is diverted from the pain by music, this makes the woman better able to tolerate pain and in some cases annihilates the pain altogether.

It may seem counterintuitive for a laboring woman to relax considering the rigors her body is undergoing, but it is beneficial to the woman and her unborn child if she can do just that. When a woman relaxes this ensures the infant is getting proper amounts of oxygen, and it also reduces the amount of psychological and physical fatigue she experiences.

When music is playing it helps a laboring woman breathe rhythmically as well as gives her something to focus on rather than labor pains. It is a welcome distraction. Music assists a woman in pacing herself through labor, which can last for hours. In childbirth classes, a pregnant woman learns how to breathe throughout labor pains. When music is played during labor and delivery, this strengthens and supports the breathing techniques she has learned.

When choosing what music to listen to during labor, consider the “intrusiveness of the music” This refers to the tempo, rhythm, dynamics and timber of the music and how effectively it captures a person’s attention, serving as a focus or distraction.

Some women pick a specific song to be played at the moment of birth. This is called a birthing song. Forever more, that song will be associated with the second her child arrived and is a wonderful memory.

Music has the ability to alter the ambiance of a room. It can change from being a cold, sterile hospital room into a lively area or a calm, serene one, depending on the music played. The medical staff responds to the music as well as the patient.

Every person has her preference in music. The music chosen to best combat pain and anxiety is that which you love to sing along with and dance to. Using fast or moderately paced tunes for early labor is advised because this assists the baby is moving downward into the pelvis. As labor advances, switch to a calming, slower tune.


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