I admit it: I’ve never really gotten the whole scrapbooking thing. Could be that I don’t have the time–or that I’m too lazy to do it. But it’s one of the most popular activities in the world–and digital scrapbooking has made it even bigger. All you have to do is look at the exploding popularity of Pinterest to see what I’m talking about. In this guest post–which taught me a lot–Norul Amin, has some great tips to get you started.


Preserving precious memories lets one relive them long after the people are gone or grown up. One of the issues with scrapbooks is how to pass it on, and what to do with it once a group has demised or moved on. Digitizing a scrapbook comes as a solution. It lets one post it on the web as a record of history, and honors those who put that time and effort in. It allows printing it out to have a copy on hand.

Creativity Galore

A computer, software, scanner, printer, and a digital camera open up unlimited creativity to putting a scrapbook together. Digitizing documents makes for convenience. A digital camera lets one download photos to the computer where digital imaging software allows manipulation of photos for embellishment or resizing.  High quality acid free paper can have interesting inked texted or graphics put on directly in minutes the way one wants.  Specialty papers let one highlight extra important events on silk or oil canvas. Attractive fonts make the text interesting and part of the overall artistic design. Multiple copies of anything are just a reprint away.

Show Me

Digitizing a scrapbook with a rainbow color of inks makes it easy to create slideshows and to set up a scrapbook movie night.  Background music added in makes the experience more enjoyable as well as the many special effects that can bring in text or highlight a focal point.  Many digital cameras can take short video clips and placement in the slideshow lets one display a real life event in real time.

Color Me

An aspect that can tie the scrapbook together and make it memorable is the color chosen for papers and inks. Design elements help make a scrapbook more than a gathering of photos and thoughts. It turns it into an artistic creation. Knowing when to coordinate, and knowing when to create tension or dissonance with the color lets one direct the viewers’ attention to the focal points of the page. Understanding that space and spacing comes just as important as the color elements makes for pages that are not too busy and are pleasing to the eye.

Made to Last and Last and Last

Printer inks have a long life if cared for properly by keeping it in temperate rooms with little humidity.  Files and folders on a computer lets one organize the elements of a scrapbook for future usage such as a special honoring or even a funeral makes it easy to modify or repurpose.  Shelf life for such media if properly cared for comes as 50 to 100 years. Sites for organizations give a place to post the most important aspects of the scrapbook. Personal sites offer an additional avenue to promote an organization by the scrapbooks created.  Also sites on the web offering back up of computer data allows the digital scrape book to be archived.

Scrap Book Party

The amount of laptops, tablets, and digital phones makes it possible for those assigned in their organization the making of a scrap book the ability to have a party. Nothing increases creativity more than a group bonded together in a common purpose exchanging ideas and exploring the possibilities together as they preserve those precious memories. Learning how to create specific effects in photo imaging software hands on with a friend leads to a blending of ideas and methods.  Besides it makes another event, and another page of memories added to the book.

Imaging software, cameras, and art takes an old activity, refreshes it, and makes it an act of creativity. Explore the tech gadgets available, check out inks and papers, and create something unique.

Norul Amin is the creative writer for Dell Printer ink, providing affordable printing supplies including Cheap ink Cartridges.