A loving mom and dad in Ohio just lost their three children—5, 6, and 8—after they forced them into plastic boxes, which they then sealed with duct tape. And in some kind of odd way to try to demonstrate that they really are good parents, dad James Allen Taylor and stepmother Samantha Marie Taylor cut holes in the tops of the boxes so the kids could breathe.

Oh, and there’s more—James and Samantha left their boxed and shrink-wrapped kids in the care of two uncles, who helped stuff the kids into the boxes and cut the air holes. Ah, yes, the family that’s colossally stupid together goes to jail together…

The kids were trapped in the boxes for 15-30 minutes before a friend of the family (a soon-to-be-former friend, I’m guessing) got the kids out of the boxes and called the police.

According to prosecutors, the Taylors had tried other creative punishments, including dropping weights on their children’s feet.