So yesterday was my birthday. Yes, I’m probably older than you are. My three daughters, 22, 19, and 9, decided to take me out to celebrate–by all going together and getting pedicures. Yep, pedicures.

It was an absolutely surreal experience, the four of us, sitting in adjoining chairs, soaking our feet and reading some god-awful celebrity gossip magazines. Who knew that Lindsay Lohan had changed her hair color back to its original red(ish), that there are so many Khardashians, that Steven Tyler and Eli Manning have moobs, and that it’s possible for skinny girls to have cellulite on their butts?

It’s was also really strange to have a small Vietnamese woman massaging my feet, clipping the toenails, and tickling me with some kind of scrubbing thing. She was giggling almost as much as I was. And she didn’t even seem terribly revolted by the fungus I had on one of my toes. But when I left, my feet were silkier, smoother, and more callous-free (and nearly fungus-free too) than they probably ever were. Never knew just how much I was missing…

The whole thing reminded me of the many times when the older two were much younger, say 3 and 6, and they braided my hair and painted each of my fingernails and toenails a different color (I nearly passed out from the fumes, but that’s a whole different story). To show my daughters that my love for them had no bounds, I’d always keep the polish on all 10 digits until it wore off on its own. A good two weeks of fielding an amazing assortment of looks, ranging from the rather obnoxious ones from people who thought I was a cross-dresser, to the knowing ones from guys whose daughters had done the same to them, and the curious/interested glances from women who also snuck a quick peek a bit higher up on my fingers to see whether I was wearing a wedding ring (I wasn’t, largely because I wasn’t married).

No, getting a pedicure wouldn’t have been my first choice of a birthday present, but getting a chance to hang out with all three of my girls at the same time (which, considering that one is in college in New York, is a real rarity), seeing the way they are with each other and what great people they are was the very best present of all.