It’s getting more an more common for moms to be the primary breadwinner and for dads to be at home with the kids. In this guest post, Ryan Rogers has some nice tips on things the at-home dad can do bring in a few dollars without having to actually go into an office.

We certainly live in a changing world, so much so that it’s become increasingly common for mothers to be the primary breadwinners in families, while dads stay at home with the children. In other cases, single fathers are raising their kids, so they need to be able to work at home for a certain period of time. Whether you can’t afford child care or you simply feel the need to be more present in your kids’ lives, the following suggestions can help any Dad find the perfect balance between taking care of the kids and paying the bills.

Freelance Writing
Some claim that it’s difficult to make any money in this field, but that’s not always the case. Yes, you need to have some skills, but thanks to the Internet, employment opportunities exist for every kind of skill level out there. You may have to start out making less than bank, but with experience, this can change! You can look into local online newspapers to write some stories, or they can do ghost writing for an array of websites. Furthermore, some dads might decide to publish their thoughts, musings, reviews or whatever really on a blog – this can usually open the door to dozens of lucrative opportunities!

Work-at-home dads of the world, have you ever heard of Etsy? Maybe you’ve seen your wife purchase a pretty handmade necklace or scarf from the site, so you assumed it was just for women. However, the client base there is broad, and they are looking for all sorts of personalized and customized items. Take your woodworking skills to the site, and offer custom cabinets, storage bins, signs and other items that people use around the home or as gifts for loved ones!

Office Work at Home
Since the Internet is so accessible, and people can even have live chats online with customers and coworkers, some bosses are really flexible with allowing employees to work from home. So this opportunity might be best for those who already have steady employment – and hopefully a helpful boss. If you’re considering moving home, speak with your boss to find out your options. If you lay it all out there for your boss, you’d be surprised how many companies will be willing to work with you. Rather than see you go, they might be willing to negotiate and keep you on. You may only be permitted to work from home a few days per week, or you may have to give up vacation time, but it’s most likely that you’ll have to work exactly the same amount of hours in a year that you always have. I’ve heard of some people experiencing a dock in pay, but with the savings you’ll make in transport you might still come out ahead (especially if you consider the time you lose getting to and from work each day as a plus too).

Service Businesses
It’s also possible to manage different types of businesses from home. For example, let’s say that you’ve always wanted to own a DJ company or a video production studio. You might not be the one who is actually playing the music or taping the ceremony, but you can still be in charge of the business side of things. You meet with the clients, keep track of the money, pay the bills, etc. As long as you have a space and means to work, then you could consider these endeavors as possibilities as well.

Home Office Situations
Have you ever driven past a house that also has a doctor’s or dentist’s office attached to it? Well, this could be you! If you have the space to do so, you could open up whatever kind of niche business you can run. Any kind of private practice can be run from home. If you’re a doctor who’s been working in a hospital forever, maybe now is the time to start your private practice. If you’re a lawyer working a firm, the same goes for you.

Ryan Rogers writes about working from home, parenting & more. Lately, his pieces have covered the highest paying business careers.