If you think parenting and technology don’t go together, think again. In this guest post, Michael Caruthers shares some apps that actually make parenting eaiser.

As any dad knows, parenting is certainly not an easy task. While parents usually want to instill some old-fashioned values into their children and make sure they realize that hard work is of the highest importance, they also need a break sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with this. So, you might as well use all the resources you have to do so! If you’ve got an iPad, you can use it for much more than business. Check out these five apps that can help make any child-rearing experience a bit easier.

Total Baby
Being a parent for the first time is so exciting, but it’s also a little bit overwhelming and scary. Therefore, new parents should check out Total Baby. With this great app, they can track all of their little one’s changing, feedings and so forth, so they always know the schedule that their precious little one is on.

Bill Tracker
Once a baby comes into the family equation, it’s very likely that the bills are going to start to rise. This holds even more truth in a family with multiple children. Therefore, let this app keep track of all of your monthly bills. It will let you know when it’s time to make those ever-so-important payments to cell phone companies, mortgage companies and so forth. As long as you do a good job of including everything when you download it, you’ll be set for the foreseeable future!

Elmo Calls
If your little one has anything in common at all with the children of the last few generations, then he or she is likely an avid Sesame Street fan. With this simple app, your children will be so delighted when they hear Elmo giving them a ring! No longer will they have to randomly call people on your cell phone or house phone to be amused. Instead, let this lovable Sesame Street character do all of the talking (aka work) for you! During cold winter days, this app can certainly be a life saver and a boredom zapper.

Baby Pack & Go
Let me guess. You’ve already been out on your first few excursions with your little one, and it seems that the diaper bag keeps growing each time. Not only is it full of supplies, you’re also starting to get a little bit stressed out every time you need to walk out the door. Keep calm, settle down and add this app to your iPad. You’ll be able to create lists of everything that you need for different types of outings. When baby is napping, take a few minutes to create these lists, so the next time you’re trying to race out the door, pandemonium does not ensue.

Princess Fairy Tale Maker
Your little girl (or boy!) probably loves princesses, and it’s likely that they even dresses up as them once in a while. Therefore, you’ll want to add the Princess Fairy Tale Maker to your iPad. She’ll be able to decorate a beautiful scene, and select a lovely princess. Through narration, your little girl will also be able to create her very own princess story. This app is a great one to help your child with boredom but also to aid in developing their artistic and creative skills.

Some will say that technology has no place in parenting. However, what’s the harm in adding a few apps that make life easier? As long as it’s done in moderation and you never forget to be a very present father, it’s an excellent idea.


Michael Caruthers writes about technology, parenting and more. His favorite piece of work is on the Top 10 iPhone Apps for Psychology Students and Professionals.