drunk, high, stealingHere’s one of the most amazing examples of multitasking you’ll ever hear about. And one of the saddest.

In El Cerrito, CA–just a few miles from my home–an unidentified 32-year old man was arrested in a Safeway grocery store. That in itself isn’t terribly newsworthy. But what’s truly remarkable is what the guy was doing and where he was doing it.

  • He was in the women’s restroom–found there by a young girl who ran and told her mother, who reported the guy to store security.
  • He was reading a porn magazine.
  • He was smoking a joint, which later turned out to have been laden with cocaine.
  • He was also sipping on a bottle of stolen soda.
  • Oh, and he wasn’t alone — he was sitting there with a small child, presumably (but hopefully not) his own.

Any one of these activities–particularly in the company of a small child–is stupid. But all together, it’s really quite impressive.

The original news story appeared here.