Apparently Monica Wellito, 27, didn’t think that the fact she was supposed to be babysitting her two nieces (ages 1 and 4) should get in the way of her drinking. And she didn’t. In fact, she drank so much that she passed out, leaving the two girls to wander around unsupervised.

Police in Farmington, New Mexico were called in when a neighbor spotted the 4-year old outside by herself. Her year-old sister was found a while later–fortunately in good health–in an unfenced irrigation ditch a few feet from the trailer where Wellito was supposed to have been watching the kids while their mother was at work.

The children’s mother told police that “she had spoken to Ms. Wellito before going to work and had told her not to drink any alcoholic beverages until after she got off work at 5 p.m.” Excuse me, do you really need to have a conversation with a baby sitter about when it’s appropriate to start drinking?

According to police reports, officers searched the trailer and found “a 750 ml bottle of Crystal Palace Vodka that was nearly empty on the kitchen counter, an empty 375 ml bottle of Crystal Palace in the trash can, and an empty six-pack of Smirnoff alcoholic drinks the floor in the living room.” No big surprise the Wellito’s blood alcohol was .30, nearly four times the legal limit of .o8.