If you’ve already had a heart attack, having a drink or two every day may lower your chances of dying within 20 years of the attack. Since this research was published in the European Heart Journal, “a drink or two” means 10-30 grams. For the rest of us, a beer has about 12, a shot of whiskey has 14, a glass of wine about 11.

If you’re not a drinker, this isn’t the time to start, unless your doc tells you to.

It’s also important to recognize the difference between correlation and causality. In other words, between something that’s associated with something else and something that actually causes it. It’s not clear wehther the alcohol causes the reduction in the heart attack death rate. It could be that guys who have a drink or two a day also have some other habits that strengthen their heart.

According to Dr. Kenneth Ong, a cardiologist at The Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York City who was interviewed about the study, “The takeaway here is that moderate drinking does not seem to cause harm and may possibly be beneficial to the heart,” he added, but that’s no reason to drink excessively. “High alcohol consumption is definitely shown to cause a significant number of health complications,” Ong said. “If you plan to add moderate drinking to your health regimen, you should check with your health care provider first.”

You can get an abstract of the study here.