Just before Father’s Day, as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®, my youngest and I decided to do a little dad-daughter bonding by checking out the @FuelRewards program from @MasterCard. (But sponsored or not, the views and opinions in this post are entirely my own.)

The first thing we did was get online and sign up for a Fuel Rewards Network card and then link it with my #MC MasterCard. You can also do this by downloading the FRN iPhone app. The way the FRN program works is that you earn discounts on Shell fuel for just about any purchases you make with your MasterCard. Given that fuel in California is consistently 10-20 cents/gallon more expensive than the rest of the country, I’m looking for all the help I can get.

The mobile app has some nice features, including a map function that shows eligible grocery stores and other participating businesses (like Home Depot) as well as nearby Shell stations.




Lucky Rewards card for use with #FuelFamilyFun #MCOnce all the downloading, linking, menu planning, and list making were done, we set out for a nearby Lucky Supermarket. We signed up for a new #Lucky Rewards card and got one on the spot.

If you’re interested in the Fuel Rewards Network–and you really should be since it’ll cost you exactly zero to join and you get discounts on fuel for buying stuff you’re already buying anyway–I suggest that you watch the short instructional video below. You can also get more info on the FRN on the Network’s Facebook page.




From a marketing point of view, one of the smartest things the FRN website does is show the lowest prices FRN members have paid for fuel within the previous 24 hours. There are tons of people who paid as little as one cent per gallon. That certainly motivated me to whip out my MasterCard just about everywhere (on our first grocery run I earned an 18 cents/gallon (for a max of 20 gallons) credit.

The way I figure it, if I can manage to fill up my tank three or four times for a penny a gallon, I’ll have saved enough to take my roller-coaster addicted daughter to Disneyland.





I’ve always considered food shopping to be a highly underrated for fathers to spend time with their kids. You can check out our entire shopping adventure in our Google+ album.