Sean and Courtney before their big night out

A Georgia couple wasn’t going to let their 6-day old baby and toddler get in the way of their party plans. Sean Grussing , 23, and his girlfriend, Courtney Tench, 18 (yes, 18) decided to get drunk with their friends and, I guess, couldn’t get a baby sitter. So they did what any self-respecting brain-dead parents would do and just left the kids alone.

Sean and Courtney, where they belong--in jail

Cops were called when neighbors reported a 22-month old toddler wandering around calling for his mommy. Police saw an open door in the trailer park (where else?) and saw the 6-day old infant strapped into a car seat wailing.

At that point mom and dad staggered back into the house, reeking of alcohol, according to police reports. Courtney initially told officer that she’d only been gone for two minutes. But she then adjusted her estimate to 10 minutes. Then to 15, then 20, then 1-2 hours.

The loving parents had blood alcohol more than twice the legal limit and were arrested. Their children were taken into protective custody. Speaking of children, where the hell are Courtney’s parents? She’s an 18-year old mother with a two-year old. She should have been in protective custody too, long ago.