Jackie Farah of Bowling Green, KY, left 19 children—aged 8 months to 14 years—alone and unsupervised for a week. Without food or air conditioning. Farah was arrested and charged with criminal abuse (14 counts) and wanton endangerment (5 counts). Jackie’s husband and the father of some of the children (no one is sure how many or which kids, exactly, belong to which parent), Joe Smith.

According to neighbors, Joe and Jackie said they had a family emergency out of state and asked a neighbor to look in on the kids. What? I can’t even imagine how that conversation went… “Oh, by the way, would you mind checking on my 19 kids?” Kind of a lot to ask, don’t you think? And I wonder whether the idiot parents mentioned that there were also nine dogs and a cat.

Police say that the couple claimed that car trouble kept them away from home for the full week.

Accurate details are in short supply. For example, one neighbor, Annie Adams, said she called the police two weeks ago when there were only 10 kids in the house but cops, she says, did nothing. How did we get from 10-19? Ultimately, does it really matter? Really makes me want to think again about whether in some extreme circumstances forced sterilization should be an option.