Dad-child bonding is a topic I cover a lot here. In a lot of cases, the bonding in question is with young kids.  But in this guest post, Caden Rogers has some suggestions for dads whose kids are in school.

In a world where people are always quickly moving from job to job and activity to activity, dads might realize that they do not spend as much quality time with their children. Fortunately, there are always countless opportunities to change this. Though you might be tempted to want to go out and fish like you did as a child with your father, remember that sometimes, the best way is to meet your kids halfway. With the advent of the digital age, it’s likely that your child has a lot of interests that not only would facillitate bonding, but might also be useful for you to learn about! Regardless, whether it’s through technology or something a bit more old-fashioned, these ideas will help any father to develop a stronger bond with their child.

When dads are away from their kids all day or for a few days, they should learn how to text. Children will often feel at ease sending a quick message to their dads throughout the day, and it’s an excellent way to keep in touch.

Some dads do not see their children for long stretches of time, whether it’s due to divorce or work circumstances. With Skype, fathers can read bedtime stories to their little ones or sit down for a cup of hot chocolate with their high schoolers at the end of the day.

Nature Walks
Sometimes, in order to bond, people need to break away from that day-to-day hassle. Take your children to the local park, and go for a walk around the lake or stream. You can take photos of the animals and plants out there in nature, and make a scrapbook later.

Homework Time
Whether it’s math, science, reading, history or one of the other disciplines, your budding scholar will likely need help at one point or another. Make sure you’re that person who gives him or her advice on remembering the quadratic formula or tips for incorporating quotations into essays.

Facebook Pages
As long as your child is old enough to have a Facebook page and you ensure that all of the privacy settings are top-notch, this is another excellent way for the two of you to bond. When you have free moments during the day, you can send each other a picture or write each other a message.

Father/Child Vacation
Consider taking a little trip for just the two of you if you haven’t had time to connect lately. It could be an overnight stay at a favorite amusement park or a trip to some local historical sites. Just make sure it appeals to your child’s interests as well as yours.

Cook Together
If you’re a dad who works long hours, cooking is probably left to your partner most of the time. Show your child that you can be a great chef too. Pick out a recipe, go to the store together for ingredients and then come home to make that delectable dish.

Maybe the two of you want to redo his or her bedroom or perhaps you’re looking for some birthday party ideas. Start up a Pinterest account, and you’ll be able to look through some of the various options together and save them all for future reference.

Religious Services
Many people find that they are able to bond better over prayer and reflection. No matter to which faith you belong, make attending services at a house or worship part of your daily routine. If you’re not religious, consider other community groups such as rec leagues for great bonding opportunities.

A Fun Project
Find something that you both love, whether it be woodworking or pottery, and work on creating a project together. Once it’s done, it can be displayed in the home or yard. Who knows? Maybe you’ll become quite a team and can someday profit off this new talent.

It’s no secret that quite a number of ways exist in which fathers can bond with their children! All you have to do now is take the initiative – have a blast!

Caden Rogers writes about parenting, education and more. He particularly likes to write about his journey finding an affordable online mba.