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The Babysense Secret + Stay at Home, Stay Happy + Hell is Other Parents

Interviews with Megan Faure, author of “The Babysense Secret,” about learning how to understand your baby’s moods; Rachel Compos-Duffy, author of “Stay Home, Stay Happy,” about the secrets to loving at-home motherhood’ and Deborah Copaken-Kogan, author of] “Hell is Other Parents,” about her new collection of witty, smart, funny, poignant essays on dealing with intrusive and judgmental parents.

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Robot: It’s Alive! Or Is It?

There’s something almost primal about building robots. Maybe it’s the chance to create something that moves (and doesn’t need its diaper changed). Or maybe it’s the challenge of building something that will make our life easier. Whatever the reason, building—and playing with—robots is a wonderful way to spend time with your kids and to build a strong relationship. Here are some of our favorites. Kamigami (Dash Robotics) Kamigami are app-controlled robots you build and program. Start with putting together the robot’s body by folding a flat sheet of thin cardboard (hence the “-igami” in the name, as in origami)....

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Big #DadTime Adventures in DC with @HomewoodSuites

Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, or anything else, visiting Washington DC should definitely be on your bucket list. My daughter and I were in DC a few years ago and we did a lot of traditional touristy activities: toured the White House and the Library of Congress, saw the House of Representatives in action, and spent a lot of time in the Smithsonians (emphasis on the plural. When I visited DC as a teenager, I was surprised to learn that the Smithsonian was made up of more than a dozen separate museums). Our favorites were Air and...

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FAQ for Expectant Fathers

Test your knowledge on pregnancy and the countdown to fatherhood with this engaging, funny new book from New York Times bestselling author, Armin Brott. With chapters for each of the 9 months of pregnancy and special sections on infertility, labor, and delivery, FAQ for Expectant Fathers features tips and answers on supporting your partner during her pregnancy, along with all the advice you’ll need to prepare yourself for fatherhood. The book features topics guys need to know (such as how men’s hormones change during pregnancy) and doesn’t shy away from topics guys want to know (will I ever have...

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FAQ for New Fathers

Test your knowledge on the first year of fatherhood with this engaging, entertaining new book from New York Times bestselling author, Armin Brott. For the dad who made it through the pregnancy and labor, FAQ for New Fathers follows the first 12 months of your baby’s life to assist the reader in nurturing his newborn. The book features topics guys need to know (such as how to support a partner who’s got baby blues) and doesn’t shy away from topics guys want to know (work/life balance, what to do with your baby, and so on), all of which is...

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Even More Distracted Driving

Dear Mr. Dad: A few weeks ago, you had an email from a 13-year old whose mother talks on the phone. You should have told the child to rat her mother out to the cops. The mother is endangering her own life, her daughter’s life, and innocent bystanders’ and drivers’ lives. The 13-year old should send a note to the cops saying that her mother constantly talks and texts while driving, and give them her license plate, description of the car, and where she frequently drives. The mother needs a ticket. A: As a rule, I think kids should talk to their parents before ratting them...

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Summer Bridge Activities + Making Math Fun + Igniting Passion in + Unplugged Play

Interviews with Nicole Green, VP of Communication, from Carson-Dellosa Publishing about preventing summer learning loss; Laura Overdeck, author of “Bedtime Math,” about how to make math fun; Lisa Gillis, coauthor of “Virtual Schooling,” about how to ignite your child’s passion for learning; and Bobbi Conner, author of “Unplugged Play,” about battery-free, plug-free, electricity-free games and activities for kids of all ages.

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A Vacation from Vacations

With all the camps, family trips, excursions, and non-stop activities, after a few weeks, summer vacation can sometimes start to feel like work. Here are some great ways to slow things down and get back to having some good, old-fashioned, low-pressure fun. Math Dice Chase (Think Fun) Think Hot Potato, but with math facts. This game comes with two pairs of 12-sided dice and the goal is to pass your pair to your opponent before he or she does the same to you. The way you get rid of your dice is by rolling them, multiplying the two up-facing...

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Vacationing with Teens

Dear Mr. Dad: My wife and have been planning a family vacation which, of course, will include our two teenagers. We’ve tried to get the kids involved, but whenever we try to talk with them about what we’ve planned, we end up fighting. I’m about ready to cancel the whole thing. Can you think of a way we can put together a vacation that everyone will enjoy? A: Unlike little kids, who are pretty hard to disappoint when it comes to travel—teens are notoriously difficult to please. To start with, there’s a really good chance that you and your...

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