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Sneaking Around with @Netflix and the #StreamTeam

One of my more embarrassing moments as a parent happened recently when my 13-year old daughter walked in on me while I was in bed. No, it’s not what you think—I was fully dressed and alone. But what she saw got her snickering at me for days. There I was, a grown up man, watching Season 3 of “Orange Is the New Black.” I tried to explain that I was just catching up before diving into Season 4, but that just made things worse. (Apparently, I’m in pretty good company—Netflix just announced that more than half of OITNB viewers...

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Mindful Relationships + Helping Low-Income Children

Interviews with Margie Ulbrick, author of “Mindful Relationships,” about creating genuine connections with ourselves and others; and Paul Tough, author of “Helping Children Succeed,” on what works to help low income kids and why.

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Introducing DadTime and TravelMANager

I can still remember how excited my sisters and I were when my parents took us to Disneyland for the first time. At the risk of dating myself, our amusement park virgin tour happened a bit before Disney switched from individual ride tickets to the all-access tickets they have now. It was also before anyone had heard of the Internet, so my parents planned our trip the way most people did back then: they went down to the local AAA office and asked for a bunch of free maps and guidebooks. Despite those rather primitive methods (at least from...

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Summer Fun for the Kids

Many of us who have kids at home during the summer break spend a lot of time thinking about how to fill all those school-less days and weeks. Here are a few of our current favorite ways to while away the hours… Nerf Action Camera With a colorful, Nerf-inspired design, this camera is the perfect way for your kids to document their favorite summer activities (while keeping their little hands off your own camera and phone). Although it’s made for kids (meaning that it’s sturdy enough to take a tumble), it’s also more stylish than most of our first...

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Mr. Dad Seal of Approval Winners, Father’s Day 2016

Congratulations to these fine products, which were awarded the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval for Father’s Day 2016. The Seal recognizes products that facilitate father-child relationships by getting dads and kids engaged and having fun together. We’re now accepting submissions for our 2016 Fall and Holiday seasons. Apps Lucky Kat World (Lucky Kats) As with many edutainment apps, Lucky Kat World has a wide variety of kid-friendly games that both teach and engage. The LK World includes a number of elements (Katalina island, a cruise ship, an amusement park, and more), each of which has numerous challenges that require...

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Successfully Co-Parenting through Divorce

Dear Mr. Dad: My wife and I are in the midst of what’s turning out to be a rather unpleasant divorce. We can’t stand to be anywhere near each other and conversations are pretty much impossible. The only thing we agree on (besides that we shouldn’t be married anymore) is that our kids need both of us. How can we come up with an arrangement that will ensure that we both get to see our kids? A: What you’re talking about is generally referred to as “co-parenting,” and the most important thing to know about it is that you...

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How to Make Writing an Important Part of Your Child’s Life

In the future, there might be many things that machines will take over from humans, particularly in retail, security, or transportation. However, there are some things that a robot could never do, such as have an imagination. Writing is such an important talent to learn and maintain, that you should do anything and everything to make sure your children at least attempt to bring out their creative side. Whether that’s journalism, marketing, script writing, or simply beibng an author, knowing how to write well can benefit your child enormously in the years to come. Here are a few ways...

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