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Protect Yourself from Mortgage Relief Scams

If you have ever been a home owner then you will understand when I say that buying your own home is one of the most gratifying feelings in the world. Not simply because you know that you are financially stable enough as an adult to purchase a house, a place with four walls and a roof; but because you know and understand that you are about to create a generation full of memories with your family. What others may have overlooked, you saw as a chance to transform those walls into a place that is only yours. Unfortunately, sometimes...

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Distracted Driving: A Real Killer

Dear Mr. Dad: This may sound dramatic, but I’m hoping you can help save my mom’s life. She’s constantly on her phone, talking or texting, while she’s driving. I’m only 13 and I’ve tried telling her to stop but she says she has it under control and says I should be quiet. She’s cut out some of your columns and stuck them on our refrigerator, so I know she respects your opinion . I can’t get through to her. Will you help? A: Unfortunately, your mom is far from alone in using her phone while she’s behind the wheel....

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Nurturing and Supporting Children Who Live outside Gender Boxes

Interview with Diane Ehrensaft, author of “The Gender Creative Child,” about whether gender truly needs to be binary and how to nurture and support children who live outside gender boxes.

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Everyday Peacemaking + Gender Creative Children

Interviews with Stephen Hecht, author of “Nonflict,” on the art of everyday peacemaking; and Diane Ehrensaft, author of “The Gender Creative Child” on how to nurture and suppor children who live outside gender boxes.

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Figure This

Is your little one a cuddle monster—the kind of kid who falls asleep amid a pile of stuffed animals on the bed? If so, your child will love the plush toys we review this week. But wait, there’s more. We’ve got movie-themed characters and something to keep cuddle monsters entertained when you take them outside. Nintendo Plush These video-game themed toys have hit the trifecta: they’re cute, fun to play with, and encourage your child (and you) to act out scenes from his or her most beloved games. You’ll find just about any Nintendo character you can imagine—old ones,...

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Co-Parenting: When It Works and When It Doesn’t

Dear Mr. Dad: Last week you wrote about co-parenting strategies. But you made it sound like it’s an arrangement that works for everyone. I’m a divorce lawyer and I can assure that it doesn’t. Please explain to your readers why parents would want to co-parent in the first place, as well as when it’s likely to be successful and when it’s not. A: The most compelling argument for co-parenting is that it’s by far the best option for everyone. Parents like it. Former couples who share physical custody of their children fight less and are generally happier with their...

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You Can Help Prevent Laundry Packet Exposure

Doing laundry is an unavoidable part of being a parent, so whenever a product comes along that can make our laundry life a little easier, we’re always interested. Liquid laundry packets are a great example—they’re easy to use, don’t require measuring, and there’s no gooey detergent drippings to wipe up off the floor or from the front of the washing machine. But there’s a downside too. In 2015, the American Association of Poison Control Centers received more than 12,500 reports of unintended exposures by children five and under. Those exposures are completely preventable. That’s why I’m partnering with the...

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Sneaking Around with @Netflix and the #StreamTeam

One of my more embarrassing moments as a parent happened recently when my 13-year old daughter walked in on me while I was in bed. No, it’s not what you think—I was fully dressed and alone. But what she saw got her snickering at me for days. There I was, a grown up man, watching Season 3 of “Orange Is the New Black.” I tried to explain that I was just catching up before diving into Season 4, but that just made things worse. (Apparently, I’m in pretty good company—Netflix just announced that more than half of OITNB viewers...

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Mindful Relationships + Helping Low-Income Children

Interviews with Margie Ulbrick, author of “Mindful Relationships,” about creating genuine connections with ourselves and others; and Paul Tough, author of “Helping Children Succeed,” on what works to help low income kids and why.

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