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Having the Talk—No, Not That One, the One about Money

Dear Mr. Dad: My parents never talked with me and my siblings about money, but I’m feeling the need to give my kids—ages 4 and 7—a better financial education than I got. When’s the right time to start? A: What is it about money that no one wants to talk about it? Drugs, sex, and violence are perfectly acceptable dinnertime fare, but we’re almost embarrassed to discuss something that we use every single day of our life. How much we make and where that money goes after the government gets its share is nobody’s business but our own (and,...

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Parenting and Childcare Styles around the World + ParentSpeak

Interviews with Alma Gottlieb, co-author of “A World of Babies,” about differing childcare styles in eight non-US societies; and with Jennifer Lehr, author of “ParentSpeak,” about what’s wrong with how we talk to our children—and what to say instead.

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Gearing up for Winter

As you head out into the blustery, winter-y weather that has already descended on many of us, you’ll want to make sure the kids are well equipped to handle everything that mother nature dishes out. Here are some of our favorites for your snow days. Boy’s Dedicate Jacket (Dare 2b) One of the most important winter wear items is a durable, water-resistant coat, and this one is great for both daily wear and serious outdoor play. It not only wears well, but has all sorts of features that your kids (and you) will love, including a waterproof outer layer,...

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The Merck Manual Consumer App

Winter in the Bay Area is under way, which means a few things: We’ve seen more rain in the past week than all of 2016 combined. Unless you live in some kind of sterile bubble, your kids have come down with whatever new bug is going around. Parents here—and all over the rest of the world—are going crazy listening to the whining. It’s because of all that whining—and the medical issues that are causing it—that I’m spending a lot of quality time these days with the Merck Manual Consumer app. Never heard of it? Well, think back to the...

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Helping the New Stepmother

Dear Mr. Dad: I have three children and have been divorced for several years. My girlfriend of six months and I are thinking about getting married. But I’m concerned about her relationship with my kids. It’s not that she doesn’t like them—I’m sure she does. It’s just that she always seems shy and reserved around them. I really want us to be a family but I don’t want to put pressure on her. What can I do? A: Stepping into the middle of someones else’s family can be incredibly intimidating, and it’s no wonder that your girlfriend is feeling...

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Navigating the Road of Infertility + Improving Communication with Your Preschooler

Interviews with Chrissie Lee Kahan and Aaron Michael Kahan, coauthors of “Navigating the Road of Infertility,” about their struggle to start a family; and with Julie King, co-author of “How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen,” about strategies and stories that will help you improve communication with your preschooler.

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Cleaning up on the Holidays

Now that the Holidays are a (hopefully) pleasant memory, what do you do with all the leftovers? Here are some of our favorite finds that will help give 2016 a clean sweep and start your 2017 with an even cleaner slate. Shark Rocket Complete People have been traipsing in and out of your home for months now. And whether it’s winter mud, snow, salt, spilled food, or random holiday wrapping and decorations, the floors are a mess, and could really use a deep cleaning, right? The Shark Rocket Complete is a beast of a vacuum, with two powered brush rolls...

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Blasting into the New Year

Because playing with your kids—no matter how old they are—is a blast, here are some great ways to start your 2017 off with well, a blast.   Laser X Two Player Laser Gaming Set (NSI International, Inc.) There are a lot of words to describe Laser X, but to keep the list short, we’ll limit ourselves to “Wow!” “Amazing!” “Cool!” “Whooo—hooo!” and, most importantly, “Let’s do it again!” Get the point? We reviewed the two-player set, which, if you’re a laser newbie, is the only way to go. Playing against someone else is infinitely more fun than playing by...

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