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A Father, A Daughter, and a Journey Back from Cancer

Interview with Elisha Cooper, author of “Falling,” which is a moving memoir of how a family copes with the discovery of a child’s cancer, sleepless nights, surgeries, and worry, and ultimately recovery.

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Raising Men + A Family’s Journey Through Cancer

Interviews with Eric Davis, author of “Raising Men,” about the lessons Navy SEALs learned in training and taught to their sons; and Elisha Cooper, author of “Falling,” a moving memoir of how a family copes with the discovery of a child’s cancer, sleepless nights, surgeries, and worry, and ultimately recovery.

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Fun without an Agenda

Looking for some good, old-fashioned toys to play with that don’t claim to build STEM skills, expand your brain, or anything else? If so, you’ll want to check out these new items that offer, gasp, nothing but fun. And that’s just fine. Hamsters in a House (ZURU) This might bring to mind another toy craze from a few years ago, (Zhu Zhu Pets) and we admit there are some similarities. These little hamsters are small (though not so small that your kids can swallow them), soft, and furry. They buzz and scoot around any smooth, flat surface as well...

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Our #DadTime DC Adventure Begins with Relaxing @HomewoodSuites

In my first DC adventure post, I focused on physically challenging adventures. In this post, we relax a little and focus on somewhat-less-physically challenging activities. We arrived at Homewood Suites at 11a.m., several hours before check-in time. I was expecting to drop off our bags and head out to start exploring the city. But the staff cheerfully welcomed us, and in fewer than 10 minutes, we were in our room. Zoe immediately collapsed on her bed and took a nap.   I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do one of my Insanity workouts, which I have with me...

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Forced Fatherhood? It Happens More Than You’d Think

Dear Mr. Dad: My girlfriend and I talked many times about children and mutually decided not to have any. However, without telling me, she changed her mind and got pregnant. I have absolutely no interest in being a father or raising children, but she’s threatening to come after me for child support. Is there anything I can do to stop her? A: The short answer to your question is no, there’s nothing you can do to stop her. Society’s reaction to any man who gets a woman pregnant—even if he was lied to about her intentions—is basically, “Tough #$!%,...

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VEX Robotics Arm from @Hexbug and @BestBuy

The first thing to know about this robotic arm from Hexbug (makers of those adorable, frenetic mechanical insects) is that it’s not a true robot in the “it-moves-all-by-itself” sense (but that’s easily remedied: if you want to automate your arm, you just need to buy a motor kit). Second, with more than 350 pieces, building it is going to take a while. But none of that detracts in any way from the product itself. In fact, that last point is one of its best features, because it allowed me to spend a lot of time with my daughter, working...

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The Babysense Secret + Stay at Home, Stay Happy + Hell is Other Parents

Interviews with Megan Faure, author of “The Babysense Secret,” about learning how to understand your baby’s moods; Rachel Compos-Duffy, author of “Stay Home, Stay Happy,” about the secrets to loving at-home motherhood’ and Deborah Copaken-Kogan, author of] “Hell is Other Parents,” about her new collection of witty, smart, funny, poignant essays on dealing with intrusive and judgmental parents.

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Robot: It’s Alive! Or Is It?

There’s something almost primal about building robots. Maybe it’s the chance to create something that moves (and doesn’t need its diaper changed). Or maybe it’s the challenge of building something that will make our life easier. Whatever the reason, building—and playing with—robots is a wonderful way to spend time with your kids and to build a strong relationship. Here are some of our favorites. Kamigami (Dash Robotics) Kamigami are app-controlled robots you build and program. Start with putting together the robot’s body by folding a flat sheet of thin cardboard (hence the “-igami” in the name, as in origami)....

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Big #DadTime Adventures in DC with @HomewoodSuites

Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, or anything else, visiting Washington DC should definitely be on your bucket list. My daughter and I were in DC a few years ago and we did a lot of traditional touristy activities: toured the White House and the Library of Congress, saw the House of Representatives in action, and spent a lot of time in the Smithsonians (emphasis on the plural. When I visited DC as a teenager, I was surprised to learn that the Smithsonian was made up of more than a dozen separate museums). Our favorites were Air and...

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