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Combatting Bullying of Special Needs Kids + Excessive Drinking on Campus

Interviews with Gary Mayerson, author of “How To Compromise With Your School District Without Compromising Your Child, about combatting bullying and how to get effective services for children with autism or developmental disabilities; and journalist Caitlin Flanagan, about how helicopter parents cause binge drinking among college students.

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Fall Classic Video Games from Nintendo

Looking for some new video games to play with the family as the weather cools down? Or maybe something portable to get you through those inevitable holiday travel delays? Here are some of our current favorites. Paper Mario Color Splash (Nintendo) This newest entry in the beloved Paper Mario series takes Mario to the formerly colorful Prism Island, where someone is draining the land of all its paint and color. As the hero we all know and love, Paper Mario comes along to save the day with his paint hammer, which splashes color on colorless portions of land, flowers,...

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Making DadTime Adventures Safe at Homewood Suites

The world can be a dangerous place, but there are plenty of warning signs that are designed to keep us safe. Here’s a vlog with some of our favorites. For more tips, advice, stories, vlogs, and other great content from some terrific travelMANagers on planning and booking travel, visit the travelMANager site. Disclosure: Homewood Suites sponsored our trip, but all opinions in this vlog and the other blog posts I’ve done on our adventure are 100% my own (and by “my own,” I mean they’re actually mine and my...

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Postpartum Depression Affects Men, Too

Dear Mr. Dad: I’m a new dad, and a month or so after our son was born, my wife started acting strangely. Thanks to an article you wrote a while back, I recognized the signs of postpartum depression—she was sleeping more than usual, putting on weight, crying a lot, losing interest in things she loved to do, and generally not liking motherhood. I convinced her to see a therapist who specializes in postpartum depression and she’s better now. Looking back, I realize that I’ve been struggling with some odd symptoms too: I’m having a lot of trouble making decisions,...

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Talking to Teens about Cybersex + Digital Natives

Interviews with Jennifer Weeks, author of “The New Age of Sex Education,” about how to talk to your teen about cybersex and pornography in the digital age; and Devorah Heitner, author of “Screenwise,” about helping kids thrive and survive in their digital world.

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Games for One

Our mission here at Parents@Play is to bring you toys and games that parents and kids will enjoy doing together. But all of us need some me-time now and then. So what do you do when you’re home alone and want a fun way to unwind, or when you’re in the car and your child wants to play? Well, here are four engaging, entertaining, and mind-stretching games for solo players. Oh, and none of them are electronic in any way.   Clue Master (ThinkFun) Your dog Tippy wants to go home. But the only way there is through a...

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Chronic Absenteeism Puts Students at Risk of Failing in School

When Woody Allen famously said that “80% of success is just showing up,” he wasn’t talking about school. But according to some fascinating new research, Woody hit pretty close to the truth. (Actually, the math works out to be a little closer to 90%; more on that below.) Around the country, there are around 180 school days in a typical academic year. And a child who misses just 18 days of school in the year—two days per month—is considered to be “chronically absent,” even if those absences are excused or understandable. New research released by the Ad Council, shows...

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#Disney and #Netflix Help Make Daddy Great Again

13-year-old daughter and I were cuddled up together, watching the Season 6 premiere of “Once Upon a Time” on Netflix, when I discovered that I’d deprived her of a precious childhood moment. There was a scene in which Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin), who’s trying to awaken Belle from a sleeping curse, has gotten inside her dreams and the two of them are dancing romantically to the theme music from the movie version of “Beauty and the Beast” (if all of this sounds crazy, you really need to watch this show). Anyway, I was humming along to the tune and my...

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Bullying: When the Victim Becomes the Perpetrator

Dear Mr. Dad: My son just started in middle school and the dean called to tell me that my son is bullying several of his classmates. I find this hard to believe: I’ve never seen him treat anyone badly and no one else has ever told me otherwise. Plus, back in elementary school, he was constantly bullied because he was overweight (although he had a growth spurt and lost a lot of that weight over the summer). What should I do about this? A: Your first reaction—to assume that the dean is overreacting and dismiss his accusation—is a natural...

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