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DC Adventures with Homewood Suites — the Vlog

Here’s a vlog about my trip to DC with my 13-year old daughter. It was filled with adrenaline rushes, silliness, challenge, embarrassment, learning, and lots of dad-daughter bonding. For more tips, advice, stories, vlogs, and other great content from some terrific travelMANagers on planning and booking travel, visit the travelMANager site. Disclosure: Homewood Suites sponsored our trip, but all opinions in this vlog and the other blog posts I’ve done on our adventure are 100% my own (and by “my own,” I mean they’re actually mind and my...

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More Chocolate, No Cavities + Divorced Mom’s Guide to Dating

Interviews with Roger Lucas, author of “More Chocolate, No Cavities,” about how diet can keep your kid cavity-free.; and Mai Vu ( @HotLifeHotLove ), author of “The Divorced Mom’s Guide to Dating,” about how to be loved, adored, and cherished.

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Infertility and Adoption: Sometimes Bonding is Hard

Dear Mr. Dad: My wife and I desperately want to be parents. But after years of trying and tens of thousands spent on fertility treatments, our doctor is telling us that we should either consider using donor sperm or eggs or adopt. We’re considering those options, but I’m finding this whole thing rather emasculating and I’m worried about whether I’ll be able to connect with a baby who’s not biologically related to me. Will I? A: Plenty of adoptive dads in your situation feel the same way. They often believe that the process of bonding and forming an attachment...

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Two Kids: Different as Night and Day

Dear Mr. Dad: We have two sons, almost exactly three years apart. The oldest was a dream child in almost every way, but his little brother is pretty much the exact opposite. My husband and I find this surprising, since we tried to do everything with our youngest exactly the same as we did for our oldest. Why are they so different? A: What you’re saying seems perfectly logical, but, unfortunately, there’s very little that’s logical when it comes to kids. The reality is that, just like fingerprints, snowflakes, and zebra stripes, no two children are ever going to...

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Mastering Self-Regulation + The Gift of Maybe

Interviews with Stuart Shanker ( @StuartShanker ), author of “Self-Reg,” about how to help your child (and you) break the stress cycle and successfully engage with life; and Interview with Allison Carmen ( @giftofmaybe ), author of “The Gift of Maybe,” about finding hope and possibility in uncertain times.

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Games for Tweens and Teens

One of our biggest challenges here at Parents@Play is to find games that tweens and teens will not only be willing to play with their family, but that they’ll actually want to play (and that don’t involve cell phones or anything else with a screen). Here are four that we’re confident will soon be on your family’s list of game-night hits. Disgusting Anatomy Brain (Scientific Explorer) This kit is part chemistry experiment, part anatomy lesson, part art project, and all disgusting. It starts innocuously enough in the kitchen, where you cook up some gooey gelatin and pour it into...

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Watching and Learning with @Netflix and the #StreamTeam

In our house, we tend to use @Netflix as a kind of on-demand movie night provider and TV show catcher-upper. But as we’ve discovered from watching tons of documentaries and non-faction programming, it’s also a wonderful (and very underrated) source of all sorts of cool information. Here are some of our favorite Trivial Pursuit-worthy tidbits. Eating junk food for 30 days will just about kill you. Supersize Me and Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. You don’t have to be a science nerd to be fascinated by astronomy. Star Talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson. I was in the Marine Corps and...

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A Father, A Daughter, and a Journey Back from Cancer

Interview with Elisha Cooper, author of “Falling,” which is a moving memoir of how a family copes with the discovery of a child’s cancer, sleepless nights, surgeries, and worry, and ultimately recovery.

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