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Stealth Learning: Hiding Education amid the Fun

Some games are designed to educate, others are just plain fun. Some manage to do both. Here are five that are so entertaining to play with that you won’t even know you’re learning.   Balance Beans (ThinkFun) We love how ThinkFun takes a well-known concept—in this case, a see-saw balancing game—and adds a new twist to make something unique and engaging. You start by turning over one of the 40 challenge cards, each of which shows a different pattern of red beans arranged on one side of the see-saw. Lay out your red beans to match the card and...

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Parents of Children with Disabilities: Tips to Minimize Stress

Finding out that your child is dealing with a disability will send you through a wide range of emotions, including everything from fear to resentment, guilt to frustration, and even denial. Parenting is plenty complex already. So when you add in a chronically ill or disabled child, the stress and pressure you’re under just gets magnified. During this emotionally challenging time, it’s important to prepare yourself as much as possible, and do everything you can to minimize your stress. Here how: Get Financial Support Chronic illnesses and disabilities can take a real toll on your family’s budget and financial...

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Sports Dreams: Are They Yours or Your Child’s?

Dear Mr. Dad. My 5-year old daughter loves sports. My wife wants to sign her up for all sorts of teams but I’m not so sure. When I was a kid, my dad put a lot of pressure on me to do every sport possible and was so obnoxious on the sidelines that I ended up hating it. I don’t want to put my daughter through the same thing. When’s the “right” time to introduce her to sports? A: If your daughter loves sports, there’s nothing wrong with getting her on a team. But before you make a non-refundable...

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The Nutritional Approach to Enhancing Learning and Focus for Kids with Neurological Disorders

Interview with Robert Melillo, author of “The Disconnected Kids Nutrition Plan,” about proven strategies to enhance learning and focus for children with autism, ADD, dyslexia, and other neurological disorders.

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Autistic Children’s Struggle to Communicate + Disconnected Kids’ Nutrition Plan

Interviews with Eve Megargel, author of “Learning to Kiss”–an unflinching and inspiring portrait of a nonverbal young man with autism; and Robert Melillo, author of “The Disconnected Kids Nutrition Plan,” about proven strategies to enhance learning and focus for children with autism, ADD, dyslexia, and other neurological disorders.

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No More Boring Lunchboxes and Backpacks

Lunchboxes and backpacks can be pretty boring—but they don’t have to be. Here are a few of our favorite ways to add in some style and fun to these otherwise yawn-inducing school necessities. Bentology (Bentology) Bentology has a number of colorful, easy-to-clean ways to pack your child’s lunch. Bento sets include a large plastic container and five smaller containers (three with lids) that fit perfectly inside. Bento Kits include all that, plus a stylin’ insulated bag (available in seven prints) and a set of utensils. You can also buy individual containers and lids, cool packs, rice molds, thermoses and...

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Sing and Dance along with the Beatles, the “Beat Bugs,” @Netflix, and the #StreamTeam

If you’re a Beatles fan and you’re looking for a great way to introduce your kids to some of the best-known songs in our galaxy, you’ll never find a better opportunity than “Beat Bugs,” Netflix’s new, animated, binge-watchable series. “Beat Bugs” is aimed at kids 0-2, but plenty of slightly older kids (and their adult wranglers) will love the show. The storylines are fairly standard: a group of kids who help each other through everyday challenges, learning valuable life lessons along the way. And the cast of characters is oddly reminiscent of “A Bug’s Life” (adorable baby girl, spunky...

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Hats off to Adults Who Earn Their High School Diploma

Did you know that more than 29 million Americans don’t have a high school diploma. Why? Well, each person’s story is different: there are the young mothers and fathers who opted to support their family over school, kids who were forced to choose putting food on the table for their family over school, and even kids who battled illness and simply couldn’t earn enough credits to graduate. But here’s something that many people who haven’t earned their diploma may not realize: It never too late, you’re never too old, and you do NOT have to do it alone! Hundreds...

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